Artists Against Cancer

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From Left: Tungamidzai, Pauline, Maskiri and Mzimba

'The Artists Against Cancer is a coming together of Zimbabwe's Urban Grooves musicians to increase cancer awareness in the country. Rappers Maskiri and Mzimba teamed up with Mafriq lead singer, Pauline Gundidza to create an album, Fight Against Cancer. The project was bankrolled by music promoter and producer Tungamidzai Simaz Simango. The project was launched after the latter lost his wife to breast cancer.[1] Simango had tried many avenues including trips to popular TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan) in Nigeria, but all was in vain. Maskiri, also lost a close friend to cancer leading to the launch of the Fight Against Cancer project. The same year saw the artists engaging the Ministry of Health and Child Care and the Cancer Association of Zimbabwe with their project. They performed at the 2014 Cancer Strategy launch workshop in February hosted by the Ministry of Health and Child Care.[2]

The Album

The trinity went on to release a single entitled Lets Fight Against Cancer in January 2014 to increase cancer awareness. Produced by talented Sanii Makhalima, the single encourages people to go and get tested for cancer regularly for early detection. The artists went on to release another single, Kids Can to educate kids about the disease. In May 2014, the producers of the album called on other artistes from different backgrounds to participate in their upcoming video of the song that would be done in different local languages to expand their listnership.[3] Simango said they wanted the video to become a national video that would reach a wide audience hence the need for artists who would sing in different languages.


Maskiri went a step further in this campaign as he went to get circumcised in May 2014. He revealed that he was about to marry and wanted his wife to be safe from cervical cancer. After the circumcision, Maskiri went on to release a song titled Musanyepere Vanhu, which reflects on cancer awareness.[4]


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