Augustine Chihuri

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Augustine Chihuri

Augustine Chihuri is the current Zimbabwe Republic Police Commissioner General. He is an ex-combatant who received his military training at Mgagao in Tanzania. He took over the reigns as acting commissioner in 1991 replacing Henry Mukurazhizha.[1] Two years later he eventually became substantive police commissioner in 1993. In 2008 he was appointed to his current position and had his term extended by four years. He is the longest police chief at the helm with 23 years having been rewarded with a contract renewal over 13 times since 1997.[2] Chihuri made headlines in May 2014 when he collapsed during a graduation parade at Morris Training Depot.


He was born on the 10th of March 1953.

The Collapse

Chihuri collasped during the three hour parade for new recruits. It was reported that he collapsed while standing next to President Robert Mugabe and he was immediately taken away on a stretcher.[3] He only returned to his seat 30 minutes after being attended to by Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement Douglas Mombeshora and a team of paramedics. After returning to his seat Chihuri a apologised to Mugabe and the nation for the mishap. He also commended Mugabe's fitness as they went through the same paces for three hours he did not show any signs of weariness.[4]

Verbal Abuse Claims

He allegegly vebaly abused the then Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai in 2009, when his son was part of Zimbabwean students who where deported from Australia. All the eight students deoported were reportedly linked to the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF). Chihuri reportedly accused Tsvangirai for causing the deportation since Tsvangirai had just arrived from Australia where he held talks with senior government officials and Australian Prime Minister John Howard. He reportedly said: Ndozvawaida Tsvangirai. Waita zvako ufunge. Chifara nekuti zvawaida zvaitika. Iwe ndiwe unekodzero yekuti wako mwana agare kuAustralia vedu vachidzingwa (This is what you wanted, Tsvangirai. Thank you very much. Your wish has been granted. You can be happy now because only your son is privileged to study in Australia while mine is deported)[5]

Corruption Claims

In 2013 he was accused of fraud by other police officers. He allegedly integrated more than 15,000 unqualified civilian personnel and went ahead to give them force numbers. Some of them were said to have been promoted to the ranks of Sergeants and Assistant Inspectors, despite having not even sat for the mandatory promotional examinations.[6] These are said to have been untrained civilians and ZANU PF youth militia.


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