Auxilia Mnangagwa
Auxilia Mnangagwa
Mrs Auxilia Mnangagwa
ResidenceHarare, Zimbabwe
  • First Lady
  • Member of Parliament
  • Politician
  • Philanthropist
Years active2008-present
Spouse(s)Emmerson Mnangagwa
ChildrenEmmerson Mnangagwa Junior

Auxilia Mnangagwa is the First Lady of Zimbabwe .She is the current house of assembly member for the Chirumhanzu Zibagwe Parliamentary Seat. [1]


Born on March 25, 1963 in Mazowe District in Mashonaland Central, Mnangagwa grew up in Chiweshe near Rosa Business Centre where she attained both primary and secondary education. After completing her secretarial studies at Silveira House in Chishawasha she joined the Ministry of Manpower and Development in 1981 which was under the supervision of the late Edgar Tekere

In 1992, she joined the then Prime Minister’s office. It was during this period that she is reported to have worked at the Sheraton Hotel (now Rainbow Towers) as a security officer. She was with the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) until 1997 when she left to undertake her studies in Environment and Tourism at the University of Zimbabwe. Two years after leaving the country in order to pursue her studies in Hotel and Tourism Administration in Switzerland, she graduated with a degree in 2001. Mnangagwa returned back to Zimbabwe and worked in Zanu-PF’s finance department in Kwekwe.

Mnangagwa is part of a new crop of parliamentarians who include Psychology Mazivisa, Betty Kaseke, Tshinga Dube and Esau Mupfumi who won positions in by-elections. She has spent a number of years behind the scenes.

Auxilia is wife to President Emmerson Mnangagwa and also mother to Emmerson Mnangagwa Junior who was also speculated by various sections of the media to have been interested in taking up the seat for Chirumanzi-Zibagwe which was declared vacant after the former holder of that seat Emmerson Mnangagwa Senior had been appointed Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe

Political career

Auxilia Mnangagwa initially sought to represent Kwekwe Chirimanzu as its senator but failed to make it to the upper house because ZANU PF got four out of six seats in the province under the proportional representation system. She was said to have submitted her CVs to the party for consideration to allow her to contest for the Chirimanzu seat for the house of assembly after it had been declared vacant.[1][2] Her bid to get into parliament was reported to have been cast in doubt after it emerged that there were other candidates which had decided to contest with her in the primaries.[3] Having been slowed down by several technicalities to get into parliament, Auxilia Mnangagwa was said to have landed one foot in the house of assembly. The development was said to have been occasioned by the withdrawal of two candidates from the party primaries. The two candidates that eventually withdrew from the race were Erasmus Jaya who is the deputy national secretary for transport in the party’s Youth League and Violet Nhari who was the provincial commissar in the Women’s League.[4] After the withdrawal of the two candidates, it was widely speculated that Auxilia Mnangagwa would not face much opposition in the primaries which would almost guarantee her a seat in parliament.[4] Nonetheless the specific details as to why the two had chose to pull out of a race which they had initially chose to partake in remained very sketchy. She went on to win the parliamentary by election in 2015.[5]

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Philanthropic Work

She has been involved in a number of philanthropic activities. Among some of her philanthropic work, Auxilia is said to have been engaged with female prison officers and spouses of male prison officers in income generating projects. She has also been very instrumental in establishing women's banks in areas such as Zhombe, Zibagwe and Chirimanzu among other centres[6] In 2013, she also launched a women's bank in Mvuma with the assistance of he Small and Medium Enterprises and Cooperative Development ministry.[6]

Defamation Lawsuit

After having been implicated in vote rigging plot by ousted Jason Machaya, the latter was taken to court by Auxilia Mnangagwa for having brought her name into disrepute. It was reported that she sued former Midlands chairperson Jason Machaya, Douglas Kanengoni and Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti for US$50 million arguing that her image had been tarnished since she was the wife to a career politician.[7] Mrs Mnangagwa also argued that after being associated with electoral fraud by the trio of Bhasikiti, Machaya and Kanengoni, her business empire had suffered considerably, let alone her public image since she was the wife of the then Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister who had been in government since 1980.[7]

First Lady Joke

Auxilia Mnangagwa was at the centre of a first lady joke which was made by Faber Chidarikire when vice president Mnangagwa had been the acting president during president Robert Mugabe's annual leave. Chidarikire who is minister of state for provincial affairs in Mashonaland West was quoted as having said that Auxilia Mnangagwa was also the acting first lady since husband and vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa was also the acting vice president.[8] Chidarikire made the remarks after he had been assigned to introduce Auxilia Mnangagwa during a party to celebrate the elevation of Prisca Mupfumira into the politburo and her appointment as Public Service, Labour and Social Services Minister.[8]

Assuming the First Lady Role

Auxilia became the First Lady of the Republic of Zimbabwe on the 24th of November 2017 when her husband Emmerson Mnangagwa was inaugurated as the second Executive President of Zimbabwe.

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