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Badman, Zimdancehall
Background information
Birth nameNewton Gwanangura
Occupation(s)Zimdancehall Artist, Songwriter, Club DJ, Graphic Design and Music production

Badman is a Zimbabwean born Zimdancehall artist based in South Africa. After releasing a couple of songs, the chanter was the centre of controversy after he was alleged to have had a long-standing feud with Winky D before relocating down south.


Badman was born Newton Gwanangura.[1] He grew up in the iconic suburb of Highfield in Harare.[2]


Badman attended Cranborne Boys High School for his secondary education. For his tertiary education, he attended Harare Polytechnic.[2]


Badman rose to prominence around 2002 when he won the City Sports MC Contest Cup and became a very popular club DJay before venturing into music where he specialised in dancehall. One of his most popular songs to date is Gogogoi which proved to be a hit as witnessed by regular airplay. He is credited for having groomed other artists such as Jiggaz, Seh Calaz, Mad Com, King Shaddy, King Labash, Culture kid. As of 2015, Badman was said to be based in South Africa where he was into graphic design and music production while venturing into music production on a part-time basis.


Zimdancehall Awards 2014

  • Nominated for the Achievers Award.
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The most controversial part of Badman's career was his feud with fellow musician Winky D. The hatred between the two was said to have been so pronounced that they did not see eye to eye.[1] There were also some reports which claimed that the tension between the two artists was also reflected in their lyrical content in which they took turns to attack each other.[3]


Champion Talking

  • Gogogoi
  • Tichavaratidza featuring Shelly
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