Beverly Sibanda
Picture of Beverly Sibanda
Beverly Sibanda performing
BornJunior Lizzy Zinhu
(1991-04-01) April 1, 1991 (age 31)
Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe
ResidenceHarare, Zimbabwe.
Other namesBev
  • Erotic Dancer
  • Adult Entertainer
Years active2011–present
Children1: Orlando Kudzai
Parent(s)Darlington Timothy Banda

Beverly Sibanda is a controversial pole dancer-cum-musician. Bev, as she is affectionately known made headlines with her erotic and raunchy dance routines which includes strip teasing. The self proclaimed Zimbabwean Beyonce's dances includes inserting a bottle in her private parts something totally taboo in the country's tradition.


Beverly Sibanda was born Junior Lizzy Zinhu in Chitungwiza on the 3rd of April 1991. She is the last born in a family of 10, where only five of her siblings are still surviving. Her father Darlington Timothy Banda who died in 2002 was from Malawi and was a musician. Bev's mother died in 1998.[1] She grew up in Greendale and has one son named Kudzai.


Bev attended Selborne Routledge Primary School and Zengeza 4 Primary School for her primary education. She then enrolled at Zengeza High 2 School and later Charles Clerk for her secondary education. After her Ordinary level she did not dare collect her results as she knew she had failed because of her naughtiness.

Dancing career

Beverly Sibanda

Bev started dancing in school after which it joined Zalabantu Dance Group from Gwanda.[2] In 2008 Bev launched he solo career as a sex dancer. She was virtually unknown by then. In August 2011 Bev together with Mercy Mukumire, Chantel Dlamini and Brenda Cocoa formed the Sexy Angels group. The group members came from various dance groups. It was this group that made Bev a household name. She became one of the most sough after dancer, having shows for the whole week from Tuesday up to Sunday. Sometimes, she even had double bookings in a single day.[3] Bev's sexually suggesting dance routines, endeared her to many men.

Music career

In 2013, Bev was said to have ventured into the music industry after having enlisted the services of prominent South African Musician Freddy Gwala and other local artistes such as Shiga Shiga (Born Gift Katulika) to feature on her album. Bev who usually uses songs from other artists for her dance routines was reported to have sang her own songs in an event held at Private Lounge where she performed alongside other artistes such as Sulumani Chimbetu and Jah Prayzah.[4] Bev was said to have described the release of her new album as an early Christmas present. One of the tracks on the album titled Tshaingoma was said to have done quite well after it was voted into the National FM Top 50 on New Year’s Eve, landing a modest number 27.[5]

Police Requests

Bev's acts are so enticing and policed that at one point even some police officers allegedly requested her to dance for them. Bev herself claims she was forced to do so after numerous request from the police officers. This was after Bev and fellow dancer Zoey were arrested by the police for allegedly publishing indecent pictures.[6] Bev and Zoey allegeed danced for cops all night. Bev even claims that they were begged to dance every 30 minutes.[7] She said they treated 'very well'.

Bottle Dance

In 2012 Bev launched a new dance which was termed 'Bottle Dance'. The dance involved her inserting the top part of a quart into her privates. The dance which reassemble pure pornography, became so popular that she earned her enough money to move into a flat in the splush Borrowdale suburb and to buy a car.[8] This however angered Delta Beverages since she used a Castle largar bottle. The company's Corporate Director was angered at the use of the bottle and encouraged clients not to use bottle for unintended purposes. However Bev was defiant and said the company was supposed to be grateful since she was marketing their brand. She even said people were so into the dance that that they actually drink from the same bottles after she use them on stage.[9]

Conversion to Christianity

In January 2014, Bev was reportedly repented after Prophet Walter Magaya ministered to her. The latter told her that his church Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries was going to open a business for her.[10] The news of her conversion was welcomed by most of Zimbabweans. However rival dancer, Zoey doubted the conversation. As promised the ministry helped her open a clothing shop in March 2014. After the conversion it was alleged that Magaya used Bev as a marketing gimmick since after the conversion Magaya became the prophet of the moment with popular musicians, politicians and prostitutes flocking to his church.[11]

As some people expected Bev only after three months at Magaya's, she went back to dancing after a fall out with the ministry. The official opening of Bev's shop in the central business district was described as lukewarm after Walter Magaya and wife failed to turn up for the ribbon cutting ceremony. Instead the event was attended by passers by, vegetable and airtime vendors.[12]

The Comeback

It was reported that prior to Bev making her comeback to the dance floor, the dancer had previously threatened to leave the church if things did not work out. The sentiments were also echoed by Bev's manager who pointed out that Bev's return to her old ways was very imminent considering that she was being persecuted by other church members. Oscar Pambuka who is th spokesperson for PhD Ministries was furious and insinuated that Bev was trying to extort money from the church by threatening to go back to the dance floor and went on to state that the church would not entertain her because they had a lot of people that needed help. In April 2014 Bev returned to the dance floor after she was allegedly assaulted by Magaya's security guard and from one unnamed church congregant. The latter were allegedly jealousy of Bev and Magaya's close relationship whch is said to have culminated in the "hatred and persecution" of Bev.[13] Bev's said reason for going back to his old ways was lack of money. She said she had become tired of begging since the shop was not making profit.[14]

The dancing fraternity showed that her return was well overdue as she was involved in a double booking storm.[15] To add to it a big welcome party was organised at the Airport Lounge. Bev is said to have later on apologised to Magaya for all the bad publicity and troubled which she had caused the church. Bev’s manager Harpers Mapimhidze was also alleged to have added his voice to the apology made by Bev noting that they regretted whatever bad thing which happened between them and Magaya.[16]

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UK Tour - 2015

In July 2015, Beverly Sibanda was invited to the UK to perform her raunchy dancing along side singers such as Seh Calaz, Ricky Fire, Terminator and PTK. She would perform in Leeds and Dunstable.[17] During her said performances, Bev would invite an audience member to the stage and seductively dance above and on top of him for close to 5mins. The said man would then seem to soil his undergarments when Bev made one of her dance moves onto of him.[17] An online social media frenzy would ensure with names such as "CdeSkidMark", "MrSkidMark".

Exclusiiiiiiiiive Full Coverage Bev Live On Stage in U.K Dunstable (July 2015)

Alleged Affairs

There once widespread rumours that Bev had at one point dated South African based Zimbabwean footballer Khama Billiat. It was also rumoured that Bev had the picture of Khama as her whatsapp profile picture with an accompanying status which read "Zvamunoona mwana uyu takadanana…” Bev has also been associated with other footballers such as former Dynamos Football Club goal minder George Chigova and Patrick Khumbula. The report went on to claim that Chigova had been spotted several times offering Bev free transport after gigs further fuelling rumours that the two were involved.[18] Chigova however denied the allegations saying that he did not have anything to do with Bev but insisted that it may have been Khama because he had used his car at one point.[18] Among some of the most prominent men that were also said to have been dating Bev was Walter Magaya. It was reported that another congregant had confronted Bev accusing her of dating the charismatic healer which did not go down well with Bev leading to an altercation.


Following multiple complaints about Bev's conduct on stage, she was once arrested by the police on charges of breaching the Censorship and Entertainment Control Act and violating terms of her dancing licence. It was alleged that the pole dancer's conduct at the Airport Lounge during the Harare International Carnival’s Samba Night was unbecoming after she invited male patrons on stage and started performig sexual gyrations with them.[19] This was not the first time that Bev had been put behind bars for conduct as she had also been previously locked together with Zoey Sifelani for breaching the terms of their licenses in Spetember 2012.

Death Reports

In similar fashion to a stunt pulled off by ZimDancehall artiste Lady Squanda, Bev is said to have also done the same in an attempt to boost her publicity. It was reported that one of her dancers called H-Metro claiming that Bev had been run over by a car in Sunningdale and died on the spot. When a call was made to Bev's cellphone it was also answered by another woman who claimed that Bev had indeed been run over by a car.[20] Bev only answered her call the second time claiming that she was alive and well.

Beverly Sibanda Videos

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Some of Bev's controversial dance routines

Beverly Sibanda dancing to Oliver Mtukudzi's Ndichakutengera Pata Pata

Qounfuzed featuring BEV - Baby Its Raining

Bev performing at her popular routine at a local bar

Performing at Alick Macheso show

Dancing to Ita seunononga

Bev going through her paces

Bev featuring on Gift Amuli video

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