Biggie Katuka

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Biggie Katuka

Biggie Katuka is a Zimbabwean entrepreneur and former keyboard player for Jah Prayzah. Katuka left Jah Prayza's band to pursue a career in tourism.


He is from Kariba. Katuka is the secondborn in a family of six, five boys and one girl.[1]


He started playing Marimba at the age of 10 back in Kariba and he started playing the keyboard at 15 years of age. His grandfather was a musician. However, Katuka's love of music was not well received at home.

His parents opposed it based on the fact that music is not something idolized or deemed to bring success in Zimbabwean culture. Katuka would often get in trouble when he went for practice and performances but in 2009 he moved to Harare to pursue his musical dream. Before he met Jah Prayzah he played mostly in churches.

Katuka started working with Jah Prayzah in late 2010 after having been linked by someone. He called Jah Prayzah looking for a job. After a few minutes, Jah Prayzah called Katuka again asking if he had his own keyboard. When Katuka answered yes, they went for a show in Shamva and that’s how he joined the Third Generation Band.[1]

In April 2021, Katuka revealed that he had left Jah Prayzah's band to pursue a career in tourism. He said that he needed time to nurse his fledging tourism start-up, named I Travel.

The new company's forte will be centred mainly on domestic tourism.[2]


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