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Bindura is a town and District located in Mashonaland Central Province.


The name is probably a corruption of Chi pindura mhuka (ChiZezuru), meaning 'turn the game'. Local legend has it that Chipadze Tsoko was killed by his son-in-law, who had married one of his daughters and settled there. He became Chipadze Nyoni. Chipadze Tsoko's spirits inhabited Bindura Hill. Chipadze Nyoni came to an arrangement with them whereby he observed their religious ceremonies, and they supplied meat to the people. Each November an ox was taken to a flat rock at the foot of the hill. On a signal from the chief, the high priest ((dunzwi) seized the ox by the horn. If the ox died, the message was sent mhuka dza kumwe dzinga pindurugwe, meaning the game an be turned. Then, on a given day, the bush would be fired in a large circle around the hill and all game was driven in and killed for meat. If the ox did not die, there was no fire and game drive. [1]


Population in 2009 - 37,423

It is served by Bindura Provincial Hospital.

The Bindura Local Government is Bindura RDC.

See Bradley High School.
See Chipadze Secondary School.
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See Hermann Gmeiner High School. (SOS)

See Bindura University of Science Education.
See Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University.


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