Blessing Chiza

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Blessing Chiza is a Zimbabwean cleric and the founder of Eagle Life Assembly church in Bulawayo.


Chiza grew up in Chizhanje high-density area in Old Mabvuku. He says he was born about seven years after his parents had lost two daughters.

According to Chiza he used to drink alcohol and was known in his neighbourhood as Papa Mabhule. He said he was also known as Jah Wise Nyandoro for he was a leader of a street gang of Redbelt Karate bullies that used to beat up people.

Blessing Chiza joined Freedom Sengwayo's AFM in Africa church through a neighbour Munyaradzi Muswaka and received Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal saviour. He got out of gangs and managed to quit drinking but later backslid because of the influence of friends.[1]


Chiza's firstborn is Joshaviah Jorai Chiza.[1]


Chiza studied at Mabvuku Primary School and Mabvuku High School. He received Jesus Christ in the early 1990s whilst at Mabvuku High School. After repenting, Chiza took leading roles in Mabvuku High School’s scripture union. Together with other students they would pray on school grounds and hold conferences.

After completing his high school education, Chiza went to Kwekwe Polytechnic College where he became a Christian Union chairman. He studied for a Diploma in Accounting at Kwekwe Polytechnic College. Chiza says he lost all his educational certificates in a taxi on his way to Bulawayo.[1]


Chiza said he received his calling during one of the scripture union conferences at Tafara High School in the early 90s. He said a huge, massive eagle angel appeared from heaven. The eagle according to Chiza, came down with stretched legs and landed on the roof of a classroom. It was big to an extent that Chiza thought the classroom was going to collapse, though later he realised that it was a spiritual vision.

The eagle which had a white head and tail landed with a strong wind blowing hard and even entered into Chiza's chest. This encounter forms the basis of the Eagle Life Assembly logo, name, slogans, history, and teachings.

At one time Chiza said he heard a voice coming from heaven when he was praying at their home in Chizhanje at G74 Hunga St, saying he was called to be an apostle and prophet, to preach and evangelise everywhere and bring people to Jesus Christ.

In 1995, Chiza said he heard a voice telling him to go to Faith in God Ministries International church where he was mentored, groomed and shepherded by his spiritual father Archbishop Asa Gurupira.[1]


When Faith in God Ministries International church changed its name from Christian Life Centre (CLC), Chiza became the first youth leader of FIG Ministries International Mabvuku Assembly.

He was officially ordained as a pastor just a few months after his wedding in 2001 by Archbishop Gurupira. Chiza was then sent to pastor and pioneer FIG in Mufakose and Budiriro.

After moving to Bulawayo, Chiza worked in Gwanda for Zambuko Trust. Chiza and his wife resigned and started preaching to people in the streets of Bulawayo. They were staying in Nkulumane and then later moved to Cowdray Park. The couple later moved to Old Luveve where they started FIG Luveve.[1]


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