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Catholic University of Zimbabwe
Catholic University.jpg
Catholic University of Zimbabwe
TypePrivate University
Parent institution
Roman Catholic Church of Zimbabwe
Religious affiliation
Roman Catholic Church
LocationHarare, Harare Metropolitan Province, Zimbabwe
CampusHarare, Bulawayo, Mutare, Chinhoyi

The Catholic University of Zimbabwe is one of the few private owned universities in the country. The university is owned and run by the Roman Catholic church. It is headquartered in Harare and has other campuses in different parts of the country. According to their website, their mission is

The mission of the Catholic University of Zimbabwe library (CUZL) is to enrich its user community by fostering lifelong learning and providing access to recorded knowledge and information consistent with present and anticipated needs of the Catholic University of Zimbabwe (CUZ). CUZL seeks to serve as the intellectual commons of the university, providing high-quality services, resources and gateways to meet the needs of CUZ's diverse instructional, research and outreach programmes. This will be in keeping with the technological advances of the 21st Century.


The Catholic University of Zimbabwe was established on 20 August 1998 through Statutory Instrument 268, Proclamation 49.[1] The first University Council was established in October 1998. The first Chancellor of the University was the late Patrick Fani Chakaipa, the then Archbishop of Harare. Robert Christopher Ndlovu, Professor George P. Kahari and Mr Herbert Munangatire were the first to propagate the idea of a Catholic University in Zimbabwe.[1]

On 25 February 1999, the University opened its doors to 41 students studying for the Bachelor of Business Management and Information Technology (Honours) Degree (BBM& IT). In August 2000, the Bachelor of Arts Degree was added.[1] In 2010, there were over 300 students in the two faculties - the Faculty of Business Management and Information Technology and the Faculty of Humanities. The proportion of men to women is about 50:50.[1]


  1. Harare (main campus)
  2. Bulawayo
  3. Mutare
  4. Chinhoyi
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Faculty of Commerce

  • Bachelor of Business Management and Information Technology (4year).[2]

Faculty of Humanities

  • Bachelor of Arts Honours in Theology(3 years)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Dual Honours) (3 years) subjects are; English, Communication, Geography, History, Religious Studies, Ndebele, Shona and Linguistics.[2]
  • Bachelor of Arts Dual Honours Block Release (4 years) English, Shona, Religious Studies, History, and Literature.[2]


The University joined the International Council of Universities of St Thomas Aquinas (ICUSTA) in May 2013 which is an international association of Catholic Institutions of higher learning that faithfully adhere to the ideals and teachings of St Thomas Aquinas.[3] ICUSTA was found in 1993 by the University of St. Thomas in Santiago, Chile and it now houses 38 member institutions across the Globe.[3]


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