Charity Dlodlo

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Charity Dlodlo
Charity Dlodlo Biography
BornCharity Chinduta
(1977-02-12) February 12, 1977 (age 45)
Known forBeing an actress

Charity Dlodlo is a Zimbabwean actress popularly known for her role as Mai Madziva on Studio 263. In 2019, Dlodlo accused Prophetic Healing Deliverance (PHD) ministries founding leader Walter Magaya of sexually harassing her before apologising for the accusations. She said that she was used by the devil to distract “the man of God”.


Charity Dlodlo was born Charity Chinduta in Bulawayo. She is originally from Mtoko but she grew up in Bulawayo where her father was working.[1]


Charity Dlodlo was born on February 12, 1977.[1]

Personal Life

She was married to Temba Dlodlo for 10 years before they separated. They have three children together and she says she has continued to use her ex-husband’s surname with his blessings.[1]


Charity Dlodlo attended Victoria High School.[1]


Dlodlo initially pursued creative professions like painting and designing before getting a job as a swimming coach. She left the job to pursue full time acting. She also does arts consultancy periodically.

She made herself a name with her role as Mai Madziva the gossipmonger on Studio 263. Dlodlo also worked on projects like Sinners, 365, Mitambo International Theatre Festival and Chipo the Gift.

Dlodlo joined Studio 263 after her cousin told her about auditions. At the time Charity Dlodlo was working at a school in Braeside as a swimming coach. Dlolo got roles in other productions that include Legacies, The Zimbabwe I know, Lobola, Dirty Necklace and Revelation. In 2018 she starred in a ZTV production Pedyo Kure as Mai Chipanera.

In 2021, Charity Dlodlo staged a solo play titled Once an Actress. The play was written by Tony Layton, adapted and directed by Stanley Mambo. It had Patience Gamu Tawengwa as the Executive Producer and Charity Dlodlo produced and performed it from tomorrow Tuesday 26 to Thursday 28 October 2021 between 6 PM and 7 PM.[2][1]

PHD Ministries

Dlodlo joined PHD Ministries on 2 August 2015 and manifested on that very day. She was offered voluntary ministry work and assistance to pay her rent.

As part of her voluntary ministry work, for which she was paid just a stipend, Dlodlo would help a class with acting lessons. She would also vet testimonies that would later be aired on Yadah TV, the PHD Ministry’s television channel.[3]

Walter Magaya Sexual Harassment Allegations

In July 2019, Dlodlo was the first one to come to The Sunday Mail newsroom and volunteer information on allegations of sexual harassment against Magaya.

Charity Dlodlo said a woman named Sarah Maruta confided in her that Walter Magaya had raped her. Dlodlo’s initial reaction was to deny the allegations on behalf of Magaya, telling Maruta that he had not done so.

When Magaya returned from Israel, Dlodlo approached him with Sarah Maruta’s allegations, which he flatly denied and asked Charity Dlodlo to keep him informed about what Sarah was saying. She said she only realised something was wrong when she was asked to steal Maruta’s cellphone.

Dlodlo said she was asked to meet Magaya at the Prospect offices. When she got into Walter Magaya's office she knelt before him as per church tradition and when he rose from his chair, she assumed he was coming to pray for her, possibly with his hand placed on her head.

She said instead, Magaya kissed her and touched her breasts. In response, Dlodlo cried out loud. Charity Dlodlo said the encounter came after several WhatsApp messages from Magaya some of which included pornographic videos. She said after that encounter, Magaya made efforts to keep her close — as well as pampered, financially.[3]

She said she made a report at Waterfalls police station. Dlodlo said the several dockets that were opened at the station disappeared and she even ended up opening the cases at Harare Central Police Station and no action was ever taken.

She further alleged that she received death threats from one of Magaya’s bodyguards, James Dzamu, whom she took to court and lost the case because she did not have evidence of the intimidation that she received. The police however said they checked with the named stations and there were no records to show that any such charges were brought before them.[4]

On 12 July 2019, Dlodlo appeared in a video widely shared on social media, apologising for "soiling Magaya's name" and never said what she had alleged was false. She said:

"I wish to apologise to the man of God Prophet Walter Magaya. It was the work of the devil in my life. From now on I will not be fighting. I have realised it's no use fighting a man of God who was sent to help others. To the man of God, Prophet Walter Magaya, please forgive me for all that I have been doing to you via social media. Find it in your heart to forgive me as the man of God you are."

Her apology can be viewed below:

Charity Dlodlo asking Prophet Magaya forgiveness

Rent Arrears

In June 2019, Dlodlo approached the Harare Civil Court seeking an interdict against her landlord whom she accused of threatening to evict her from her premises over US$200 rentals without following due court processes.

The matter appeared before Harare Civil Court provincial magistrate Lazini Ncube, who struck it off from the roll following indications that both parties were in default.

In her founding affidavit, Dhlodhlo claimed that she entered into a verbal lease agreement with Anna Ramushi Sango where they agreed that she would pay US$150 per month.

According to Dlodlo’s founding affidavit, on 27 May 2019, Sango gave her a verbal notice to vacate the premises if she did not pay the sum of US$200.[5]


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