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The Chibuku Road to Fame is arguably Zimbabwe’s biggest and most successful talent identification platform. It is a collaborative effort between Delta Bevarages and the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe with the view to identify and promote talent in music. Established in Harare in 2001, the festival had in recent years expanded into three neighbouring countries where the Chibuku brand is also available. The countries are Botswana, Malawi and Zambia which is expected to launch the programme in 2016. The Competition starts at provincial level and winners from the country's 10 provinces then compete at national level for the first prize. The winner earns a certain amount of money plus a fully paid recording contract.


Chibuku Road to Fame seeks to promote the development of musical groups through identifying potentially talented musical groups. The Organisers will then assist the winners to produce, document their work. The competition also excels in providing upcoming musicians with technical expertise in music and event management.[1]


The 2014 edition of the competition will be launched in Masvingo on the 7th of June before moving to the rest of Zimbabwe’s 10 provinces. The grand finale will be held at Glamis Stadium on the 27th of September. Music fans would be up for a treat with Dendera superstar Sulumani Chimbetu expected to entertain revellers.[2]

2013 Participants

  • Hambakwe Stars (Mashonaland East)
  • Real Spears (Manicaland)
  • Motor Super Sounds (Matabeleland South)
  • Human Life (Mashonaland West)
  • Sounds of the Universe (Bulawayo)
  • CY The Legends Band (Masvingo)
  • Soul Panorama (Midlands)
  • The Way (Mashonaland Central)-winners.
  • Were (Harare)
  • African Tradition Vibes (Matebeleland North).[3]

2012 Participants

The 2012 edition which coincided with celebrations of the Chibuku brand’s 50 years of existence, was won by Midlands-based Afro-Jazz group, Terry and the Bliss.[4] The group won US$5000 plus a recording contract. On second position was Guruve Marimba who were awarded US$ 4000. The third prize went to Harare’s Super Sounds who walked away with US$ 3000.

2010 Participants

  • Club Shanga (Mashonaland East)-winners
  • Tauyanadzo Sound Blasters (Matabeleland North)
  • African Tribe (Bulawayo)


The 2009 competition was won by the Harare-based group Bopoma Stars. The latter went on to releaase their debut album, Paucheneka.[5] The album features the songs Password (Paucheneka), Waka-zvipira, Sorry, Chouviri and Vakadyirwa KaPay.


The year's edition was won by Romeo Gasa and Extra Valembe.


In 2006 the competition was won by Bulawayo based Blackface.[6] The win was a historic one since it was the first time Bulawayo had won the first prize at the highly competitive talent search programme.


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