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{{Infobox choir
#REDIRECT [[Chillspot Records]]
| name                = Chill Spot Records
| image              = Chillspot_(1).jpg
| image_size          = 250px
| alt                = Chill Spot Records, Zimdancehall
| caption            =
| origin              = [[Mbare]], [[Harare]]
| founding            = <!-- {{Start date|2006|MM|DD|df=y}} -->
| founder            =
*[[DJ Fantan]]
* [[DJ Rhibhe]]
| disbanding          = <!-- {{End date|YYYY|MM|DD|df=y}} -->
| genre              = [[Zimdancehall]]
| members            =
| notable_members    =
| music director      =
| choirmaster        =
| organist            =
| chief conductor    =
| orchestra manager  =
| choir admission    =
| orchestra admission =
| headquarters        = Mbare, Harare
| affiliation        =
| associated groups  =
| influences          =
| awards              = Zimdancehall best Collabo Riddim 2014
| website            = <!-- {{URL|example.com}} -->
'''Chill Spot Records''' is a celebrated [[Zimdancehall]] and reggae music production house. The award winning music production house is credited for its contribution to the growth and recognition of the Zimdancehall music genre. It has produced music for numerous award winning artists such as [[Killer T]], [[Soul Jah Luv]], [[Tocky Vibes]] and [[Seh Calaz]].
== Members==
Chill Spot Records is made up of [[Arnold Kamudyariwa]] also known as [[Fantan]] and [[Rodger Tafadzwa Kadzimwe]] also known as [[Levelz]],[[Tafadzwa Mandaza]] also known as [[DJ Rhibhe]].<ref name="fbchillspot">, [https://www.facebook.com/ChillSpotRecordz/info?tab=overview About],''Chill Spot Records Facebook Page'', retrieved:1 Jun 2015"</ref> They came together to form the team in 2011, but they have known each other since they were in kindergarten. They both have been influenced their entire lives by producers from Jamaica. Their trademark is a male voice chanting "lelelevelz production" at the beginning of their songs.
== Music Productions ==
[[File:Chillspot-records-team.jpg|thumb|450px|right|From left to right [[Rhibhe]], [[Sam Chris]], [[Levelz]], [[Fantan]], Kalala and Keith ]]
Chill Spot has become a recognised brand in as far as music production is concerned. It has produced some notable songs for various Zimdancehall artists. Artists who worked for with Chill Spot Include [[Freeman]], [[Soul Jah Love]], [[Winky D]], [[Seh Calaz]], [[Shinsoman]], among others. Chill Spot is celebrated for being the hub of Zimdancehall and reggae music in [[Zimbabwe]]. It has also nurtured various young artists who have featured on various riddims. Some young artists who rose to stardom in the Zimdancehall genre include [[Jah Child]], [[Ras Pompy]] and [[Spiderman]].
== Riddims Produced by Chill Spot==
*Tsvagai Mabasa
*My Boo Riddim- 2015- (Features the likes of [[Soul Jah Luv]], [[Killer T]], [[Kinnah]], [[Winky D]], [[Sniper Storm]] and [[Freeman]]).
*Boss Ndiani Riddim- 2015- (Includes the likes of Soul Jah Luv, [[Ricky Fire]],  [[DJ Smylie]], [[Cello Culture]], [[Terminator]], [[Quonfused]], [[Princo Spice]], [[Ras Caleb]], [[Ras Pompy]] , [[Celcius]], [[T Makwikwi]], and [[Jay C]].
*Ghetto Story Riddim- 2015
*Xmas Money Riddim.<ref name="newsday">T. Mangudhla, [https://www.newsday.co.zw/2015/03/14/chillspot-drops-double-riddims/ Chillspot drops double riddims] ''Newsday'', published: 14 Mar 2015, retrieved:1 Jun 2015"</ref>
*One Clan Riddim- 2014, Feature musicians such as [[Freeman]], [[Sniper Storm]], [[Killer T]] and [[King Shaddy]].<ref name="newsday2">T. Mangudhla, [https://www.newsday.co.zw/2014/01/09/producer-unite-dancehall-artistes-new-riddim/ Producer to unite dancehall artistes in new riddim],''Newsday'', published:9 Jul 2014retrieved:1 Jun 2015"</ref>
*Zimbo Flavour Riddim- 2014 ([[Ras Pompy]], [[Lady Banks]] etc).
*Mad Level Riddim- 2014
== Awards ==
*[http://www.pindula.co.zw/Zimdancehall_Awards_2014_Winners 2014 Zimdancehall Awards], Best Collabo Riddim (with JMP).
*Nominated for the 2014 Zimdacehall Awards for the best Riddim.<ref name="zimbojam">, [http://www.zimbojam.com/arts-culture/music/item/2327-zim-dancehall-awards-2015-winners Zim Dancehall Awards 2015 Winners],''Zimbo Jam'', published:14 Mar 2015 ,retrieved:1 Jun 2015"</ref>
== Social Life ==
[[File:10502413 963458667032813 1528560762929635058 n.jpg|||center|FC Chill Spot]] Chill Spot Records has a football team which plays social soccer. The team is called [[FC Chill Spot]].<ref name="fbchillspot" />
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