Clement Muchachi
BornClement Muchachi
(1925-08-19)August 19, 1925
  • Freedom Fighter

Clement Muchachi was an early nationalist that was elected to the House of Assembly in 1980.

Personal Details

Born: 19 August 1925, in Shurugwi.
He was the eighth child in a family of nine. His mother was a devout Anglican churchgoer. His father was a dip-tank supervisor who was active in local affairs and a respected Karanga elder. [1]
Marriage: married with 2 children.

School / Education

Primary: 1936 Tumba Primary School where he remained (with the exception of a year’s break in 1937) until he completed Standard III in 1941. Lack of money then forced him to go to work until 1943 when he found a place at Gloag Ranch Mission where he stayed until Standard VI. Clement Muchachi then moved to Goromonzi Secondary School.

Service / Career

From 1951 to 1955 Muchachi worked for the Native Education Department as a clerk. He then moved into commerce, working for an Indian wholesaler in Bulawayo as a dispatch clerk. He first took an active interest in politics when, in 1952, he became Branch Secretary of the Bulawayo Branch of the old ANC congress (under the chairmanship of Aaron Jacha).

Clement Muchachi would be a part of ZAPU, African National Congress during his lifetime.

1964: National Organising Secretary of ZAPU.
1980: elected to House of Assembly, PF ZAPU, Midlands Province.
Minister of Public Works.


Further Reading

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