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==Latest News==
==Latest News==
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The Targeted Command Agriculture is a Zimbabwean agricultural scheme aimed at ensuring food self-sufficiency that was introduced at the start of the 2016 - 2017 farming season following the drought of the previous season. The scheme was introduced as Zimbabwe grapple with economic problems. It was announced in August 2016.

The scheme targeted farmers near water bodies who could put a minimum of 200 hectares under maize per individual. These were found to be 2,000 in total and each farmer was required to produce at least produce 1,000 tonnes of maize. Each participating farmer was required to commit 5 tonnes per hectare towards repayment of advanced loans in the form of irrigation equipment, inputs and chemicals, mechanised equipment, electricity and water charges. Farmers would retain a surplus product produced in excess of the 1,000 tonnes. The programme will cost $500 million. Each farmer will be earmarked to receive US$250,000.

Command Agriculure in 2005/2006

The command agriculture scheme is the second agriculture scheme to be implemented in Zimbabwe after almost 10 years. The first Command Agriculture scheme was implemented between 2005 and 2006 and it was called Operation Taguta / Sisuthi. In that program, the army was given the task of tilling large amounts land as it was peace time and their labour was available. The command agriculture in that seasons largely failed.[1]

In 2007 the government introduced the Farm Mechanisation Scheme which was championed by then Reserve Bank Governor, Gideon Gono. That scheme largely failed as a result of alleged corruption that saw the mechanisation resources distributed lagely on political basis, and some of it taken by political elites.[2]

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