Concilia Chinanzvavana

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Concilia Chinanzvavana

Concilia Chinanzvavana is a Zimbabwean politician and a member of parliament - proportional representation for MDC Alliance. She is a qualified High School teacher of the English Language ,Physical Education & Sport and a Business director of a Fiberglass Manufacturing company.[1]


She was born on 7 September 1972 in Chinhoyi.


She attended Chikonohono Primary School and Nemakonde High School. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resources Management - Labour and Industrial Relations from the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) and a Diploma in Education from the University of Zimbabwe.[2]


She has been a member of the MDC party since its inception in 1999 and held several positions including Provincial Women Chair of Mashonaland West Province from 2006 to 2011 and a National Executive member from 2011 to date. She was first elected as an MP in the 8th Parliament serving in the following Portolio Committees:

  • Education
  • Environment and Tourism
  • ZWPC member

Going into Hiding

She and other six opposition MDC Alliance senior members from Mashonaland West Province ave reportedly gone into hiding after unidentified men armed with knobkerries and machetes besieged their homes in Banket on 30 August 2020.[3]

Military Training Accusations

In 2008, Concilia and other MDC officials were alleged to have received military training in Botswana. They were arrested by police and the police said they had seized property including a computer and official party documents at her home.[4]


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