Constantino Chiwenga Borrowdale Mansion

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Constantino Chiwenga's luxurious Borrowdale mansion

In March 2021 a publication revealed that Constantino Chiwenga had completed building a mansion in Harare’s upmarket Borrowdale suburb.

According to the publication, Chiwenga's Borrowdale mansion was constructed by Chinese nationals who fitted it with the latest security technology. Chiwenga's mansion is a two-storey building with a spectacular structure and the finest finishings; transcendental decorative texture and optics.

Wildlife trophies, including lions — similar to those at the State House entrance were installed at Chiwenga's mansion. The mansion has an elevator to take him up to his expansive bedroom upstairs.[1]


Constantino Chiwenga's mansion is located along Manombe Close in Carrick Creagh Estate in Borrowdale. According to independent realtors at the time, a 2 000-square-metre stand can cost around US$100 000 in Carrick Creagh Estate in Borrowdale.[1]


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