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| image_size        =250px  
| image_size        =250px  
| alt                = Cyclone Dyonne,
| alt                = Cyclone Dyonne,
| caption            = Cyclone Dyonne  
| caption            = Cyclone Dyonne “Mwana VevaRidzi”
| native_name        =  
| native_name        =  
| native_name_lang  =  
| native_name_lang  =  
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| agent              =  
| agent              =  
| known_for          = Model, Fashion Designer, Socialite, Entrepreneur  
| known_for          = Model, Fashion Designer, Socialite, Entrepreneur  
| notable_works      = Modelling
| notable_works      = Modelling, Socialite
| style              =  
| style              = Urban Classic
| home_town          = Sunningdale, [[Old Marimba Park Suburb]]
| home_town          = Sunningdale, [[Old Marimba Park Suburb]]
| salary            =  
| salary            =  

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Cyclone Dyonne
Dyonne Tan.jpg
Cyclone Dyonne “Mwana VevaRidzi”
BornDyonne Tanaka Tafirenyika
(1998-06-11) June 11, 1998 (age 21)
Other namesAaliyah
EducationBethany Christian College
Alma materGirls High School, Harare
OccupationModel, Designer, Entrepreneur, Artist, Socialite,
OrganizationTutus & Glitter, Taminaka Entertainment
Known forModel, Fashion Designer, Socialite, Entrepreneur
Notable workModelling, Socialite
StyleUrban Classic
Home townSunningdale, Old Marimba Park Suburb
Partner(s)Desmond Chideme (Biggie Man)
ChildrenKyra Owami Chideme
RelativesChantel Mungofa
AwardsMiss Harare Jnr. (Miss Personality); Miss Teen Universe; Miss Teen Heritage (1st. Princess).
Left is 1st. Princess Cyclone Dyonne, middle is Miss Teen Heritage Zimbabwe 2016, Hillary Makaya
Cyclone Dyonne Harley Davidson Modeling Shoot
Sugar and Spice @ Ginimbi’s All White Champopo Party

Cyclone Dyonne is a Zimbabwean model, socialite and entrepreneur. Dyonne Tanaka Portrait.jpg

Tanaka Spring Fashion Shoot.jpg

Dyonne Tanaka 3.jpg


She get it from her Momma


Dyonne was born on June 11,1998 in Parirenyatwa Hospital (Pari) Harare.


Cyclone Dyonne Modelling

Dyonne attended Girls High School and also she attended Bethany Christian College. Dyonne has a Diploma in Management. Before getting bowled over by Stunner, Dyonne was to attend University of Miami in Florida, U.S.A.

Modelling Career

Cyclone Dyonne (Far Right) 1st. Princess of Hillary Makaya (Miss Teen Heritage 2016)
Cyclone Dyonne Summer Time Bikini

Dyonne attended an elite Harare professional modelling studio, and became a protege of Mercy Catwalk Mushaninga. During her modelling career, she achieved great successat a very young age. At 16 years she became Miss Harare Junior (Miss Personality), Miss Teen Universe Zimbabwe, Miss Teen Heritage (1st. Princess).

Personal Life

My Love Don’t Cost A Thang 😍
Cyclone Dyonne Westgate Shopping Mall


Dyonne began trading in Designer Fashion and Accessories, and doing corporate modelling and PR work. Whilst attending a Corporate Photo shoot in Mazowe, Glendale she was offered a lift by urban grooves (Afro beats) music artist Desmond Chideme. She took this as an opportunity to receive advise on how to venture into the music industry. Little did she know that she would become Stunner’s trusted confidante in his personal relationship issues. After his rocky toxic relationship and global humiliation in the African Diaspora, Stunner left Olinda Chapel.

Cyclone Dyonne's Mama response to Olinda:

Firstly you got a body like a shapeless green pepper, Pokello Nare wanna be, head like a bag of *hit, and a behind that looks like an ironing board. Unoti hunu hwe chikharadhi iwe uri mwana akahurwa nemurungu cause Chapel ain’t a black…you a racist looking for pitty.Olinda nonsense Chapel!, aka Miss Social Media Crap..You bed hoped.. married 3 times,you don’t say all those 3 men were wrong and only you remain Correct. By now the World is tired of hearing your Jazz.

Cyclone Dyonne was rumoured to have been in a relationship with one of the Mugabe boys ( Chatunga Mugabe or Robert Mugabe Junior.This proved to be untrue and was actually an attempt to publicly assasinate her character. Cyclone Dyonne has been portrayed by social media and tabloids as a gold digger, but truth be told, she has a bequeathed Trust fund and will have access to it at a certain age. She is wealthy in her own right.

Stunner took a Public HIV Test due to Tytan telling the world that Olinda Chapel has HIV.This was revealed on the Rumbidzai Bvunzawabaya show. (She is a registered solicitor in the U.K. and was aware that it was illegal what Tytan did, especially when at the end of the show she mentioned that the interview was pre-recorded 3 months earlier).This has escalated the Tytan-Olinda messy divorce saga. Stunner stated that this was affecting people next to him. The public were beginning to question Cyclone Dyonne which was causing stress and Stunner wanted to straighten things.

Stunner takes HIV Test in public

Cyclone Dyonne Swimwear Modelling

Social Responsibility

Cyclone Dyonne Nightwear

She has partaken in many social projects like the executive Mayor of Harare's keep Harare Clean initiative. She continues to do charity work with Desmond Chideme.

Cyclone Dyonne Winter is Coming photoshoot


Cyclone Dyonne at a public charity event


Cyclone Dyonne Modelling