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Cynthia Mare

Cynthia Mare is a Zimbabwean Afro-fusion song writer and singer. She rose to national stardom in 2010 when she released her second album, Summer of Love. The later which was produced by a UK recording label, Krunchie Productions, carried the hit Catch me when i fall. The latter made waves both locally and internationally. When she lost her mother to breast cancer in 2011 Mare went on to release a whole album dedicated to her mother. Entitled, Songs my mother loved, the album carried Jazz and gospel tracks and some church hymns. Some of the songs on the album includes, Hatina musa panyika, Pfugama Unamate and Zuva Rimwe. The album was bought for US$4 000 at an auction held during its launch in 2013.[1] Mare had shared the stage with the likes of Oliver Mtukudzi and Sean Paul.


Mare was born to Enita Charewa Chamboko. She attended St Dominics from Form 1 up to Form 2. She then transferred to Hermain Gmeiner in Bindura where she became a head girl in Form 4. Mare said the former school, which is a catholic school, instilled the discipline which she still has.[2]

Music Career

She grew up with a passion of music. At age five she even told her father that she wanted to be a singer.[3] When she reached 16, Mare moved to the UK to study and that is where she began her musical journey as an R&B singer.[4] She later changed the genre to a more African sound that reflects her origins and experiences. The sound had influences of Jazz and Gospel in addition to traditional Zimbabwean sounds of guitar and mbira. In her teens she sang in the local Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) church choir and at school. She broke the ice in 2007 when she released her debut album, Happy. She then followed the album with a string of singles. She then went on to release her second offering in 2010, Summer of Love. It was this album that made her a household name and from there she never looked back.


In May 2014, Mare was robbed when she was coming home from a recording at night in Harare's Sunningdale suburb. She had slowed down at a pothole when a man smashed her car’s window and grabbed a handbag with laptop, iPad, camera, external hard drives, money and bank cards.[5] As a result she sustained a few tiny cuts on her left hand from the glass and had bits of glass in her throat.


  • BEFFTA (Black, Entertainment, Film, Fashion, Television and Arts) Award for ‘Best UK Female Afro/Caribbean Act’.[6]


  • Happy (2007)
  • Summer Love (2010)
  • Songs myb mother loved (2013)


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