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Cyril H Nyatsanza
Cyril zimswitch.jpg

Cyril H Nyatsanza is the current General Manager of Zimswitch since 1 June 2013. He is also the Chairman SACHA, association of SADC clearing houses and the newly set up local A Payment Service Providers Association of Zimbabwe (PSPAZ).

Cyril is passionate about operations and payments.

Professional Background


Cyril previously served as an ACH consultant from September 2011 until his appointment as General Manager by the Board of Zimswitch on retirement of Jan. Hendrik Brits. He served as the business development manager for Bankserv Africa between 2006-2010.

Cyril is a renowned banker having held several managerial positions at Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe (1977 to 2003) and was later transferred to Standard Bank head office in South Africa in a new role as Regional Operations Support Manager.

Academic Qualifications

Mr. Nyatsanza holds several business and operations qualifications.

Notable Works

When Cyril was the Chairman of (PSPAZ) he was responsible for crafting of the charter for the payments grouping that is supervised by the RBZ.