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Demetria Hamandishe
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BornDemetria Hamandishe
  • Newscaster
EmployerStar FM
Known forBeing a newscaster

Demetria Hamandishe is a Zimbabwean radio personality known for reading the news on Star FM.


Demetria Hamandishe was born in Zimbabwe but left for England while she was barely a year old only to return during the festive holiday of 2011 when she decided to stay behind in Zimbabwe when her family was on one of their visits home.[1]



She reveals in an interview that after failing to get a job that she was qualified for, she had no choice but to join nursing. Since she had not renounced her Zimbabwean citizenship, Demetria auditioned for a job at Zimpapers Talk Radio, now StarFM in July 2012 and got one as a newscaster.[1]


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