Diana Samkange

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Diana Samkange

Diana Mationesa Samkange is a jazz artist from Zimbabwe. She joined popular Urban Grooves group, 2BG, to replace Rutendo Muchirahondo.


She started off in 2004 as an Urban Grooves musician together with a group called 2BG. The trio split as other members Shane Dingz and Blush relocated to the UK and South Africa. She launched a solo career and began singing jazz music. In 2008, she released her debut album My First Diary followed by Kumagumo eRudo (2010), Kumazivandadzoka (2013), Mationesa (2015) and Kumanginde (2019).[1]

MaNgwenya, who ventured into the industry as a replacement for 2BG’s Rutendo Muchirahondo in 2004 before going solo and deviating to Afro-jazz, has produced many top notch songs that have established her as a fluent mbira player.


She took a musical break from January 2020 to June 2020 as she focused on promoting her business brand — Ancient by MaNgwenya — that seeks to produce, package and distribute traditional goods and services including food, herbs and outfits. “I am taking a break from stage presence until June as I focus on my family and business side of my brand, Ancient by MaNgwenya, and my farming projects. However, I will also take time to record new songs in the studio in time for release in September 2020,” she said.[2]


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