Douglas Chimbetu

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Douglas Chimbetu

Douglas Chimbetu is the son of musician, Allan Chimbetu and a rising Dendera star. He rose to national stardom in 2012 after releasing his debut album 'Tsimba'.


Douglas was born 21 years ago to Allan Chimbetu and Tambudzai Tambandini Sithole . He is married memory Mapako. The couple was blessed with a daughter who died in 2014.[1]

Music Career

Douglas was born in a musical royalty were his father, uncles and cousins such as Sulumani Chimbetu and Tryson Chimbetu are all full time musicians. He however started pursuing music at high school. He joined the school choir at Allan Wilson High and would partake in musical events. Apart from that he developed a keen interest in gospel music that led him to become a prominent member of the church choir.[2] He used to admire the church elders when they sang and would imitate them in private. That is when he thought he could actually sing. He was later employed by his father as a doorman. After a sold-out show in Redcliff, he then persuaded his father to allow him to take up the microphone. That was the basis for his professional career. He went on to release his debut album 'Tsimba' in 2012 which was received fairly well by his fans. The six track carried songs such as 'Vahosi' and 'Chispen'.have been well received by fans across the country. The album was also accompanied by a DVD.[3]

Took over from Father

In 2012 his father, Allan left his band, Orchestra Kings Central Committee in charge of him when he went to join Sulumani Chimbetu's band. Allan said he did this to avoid the formation of another Dendera outfit-a principle that the founders of Dendera Music, simon Chimbetu and Naison Chimbetu shared. After taking over the band Douglas and cousin Tryson decided to hold shows together for the former to gain maturity in the music industry.[4] His father later rejoined the band.


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