Major General Douglas Nyikayaramba is an army official in the Zimbabwe Defence Forces. He is the current Chief of Staff, Administration at the Zimbabwe National Army. He is known, as other military officials in Zimbabwe, for openly pledging support to the Zanu-PF political party.[1]


In 2012 then Brigadier-General Douglas Nyikayaramba was promoted to the rank of Major General.[1]

Nyikayaramba is credited for having played an important role in ensuring a win for Robert Mugabe at the 2002 presidential elections when he was chief executive officer of the Elections Supervisory Commission.[1]

In October 2016, as Chief of Staff Administration, giving oral evidence before a Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Defence and Security Nyikayaramba, said the country’s economy was not growing and was bleeding because of corruption by some senior government officials among other things.[2] The comment was widely considered part of the factional fighting within Zanu-PF between the Lacoste Faction and the G40 Faction, with the military on the Lacoste side.[3]. The comments came after one Zanu-PF senoir member and G40 faction member, Jonathan Moyo was investigated for and admitted to misappropriating public funds.

In September 2017, while addressing an audience of traditional chiefs in Masvingo Nyikayaramba said that President Robert Mugabe should not be told to resign due to old age. He also said that Mugabe's leadership was endorsed by the country’s spirit mediums and religious prophecies.

“No chief was voted for. No son has ever ordered his father to step down from his role as leader of the family, so the same applies to our case with President Mugabe. That is what we should remind each other when we meet. Whites want divide-and-rule, and they saw that Mugabe is the nerve centre of the country. Let us not sell the country for the love of sugar. We are here to strengthen the relationship between chiefs, the President and the army." [4]

Involvement in Military Coup November 2017

In the Zimbabwe Defence Forces military takeover of November 2017 Nyikayaramba was rumoured to have separately started a mission to restore President Robert Mugabe to power but was discovered. He was apparently discovered while having a telephone conversation with the First Lady, Grace Mugabe.


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