Ebson "Sugar" Muguyo
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Ebson "Sugar" Muguyo is a legendary 70s defender who was the trailblazer for Zimbabwean players who later on played for foreign teams. Almost 45 years ago Sugar became the first player to play for South Africa's Kaizer Chiefs. So good was Sugar as a player he was recently named the 13th greatest Amakhosi player of all-time.[1]


Sugar was born and raised in Matebeleland.


Muguyo during his heydays, played for Zimbabwe Saints and Eagles before he migrated to SA where he became a legend at Amakhosi (Kaizer Chiefs). So good a player was Sugar that on his first Derby, on 29 November 1975, the BP Top 8 semifinal, Muguyo scored the 1-0.

Muguyo joined Kaizer Chiefs in November 1975. In the following seasons, Muguyo would become a goal-scoring phenomenon. In his first full season alone, in 1976, he netted 26 goals (18 for the league and eight in cup games). [2]

Coaching Career

The striker left the Club in 1980 due to persistent knee problems. He began his coaching [3]career and over the years he has coached the following teams.

  • Zimbabwe Saints
  • Eagles
  • AmaZulu,
  • Railstars
  • Njube Sundowns


13th greatest Kaizer Chiefs (Amakhosi) player of all-time


Sugar has been hibernating in golf since his retirement from football. He is a member of Bulawayo’s Harry Allen Golf Club.

After a decade long hiatus from football. Ebson announced he was coming back to the football arena because he felt its underrated:

My ambition now is to bring those glory years back. There is so much talent in schools, but it’s just wasted. A team like Tsholotsho FC shouldn’t be struggling to get quality players, not at all.


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