Edd Branson

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Edd Branson

Edd Branson
Edd Branson
ChurchJesus Generation International Ministries
Personal details
Born (1988-07-18) July 18, 1988 (age 33)
SpouseMaria Halme (married 2016 - August 2020)
  • Church Leader

Edd Branson is a Zimbabwean religious leader, church founder and self proclaimed prophet. He founded the Jesus Generation International Ministries which he leads. Branson has said his mentors are Prophet Uebert Angel and Nigerian religious leader Prophet T.B Joshua.


He was born on 18 July 1988 and grew up in Warren Park.[1]

In August 2020 it was reported that Branson and his Finnish wife Maria Halme had divorced. A source told Nehanda Radio that the two had actually separated in 2017 a year after their marriage when Maria went to stay in Finland. The source further said that Halme and Branson's divorce was a mutual decision and was based on cultural differences. The two have a son together.[2]

Religious Career

Prophet Edd's has been known for his forensic prophesies that apparently defy logic earning him the name The Specialist from his followers.

Other Appointments

In 2019 he became the first Zimbabwean to be appointed the director commissioner of African Culture Diversity and Entrepreneurship by the Global Diplomatic Council. The position has been previously, held by great leaders and personalities such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former president of Tanzania Jakaya Kikwete, Dr. Margaret Kigoz, John Momo — the chairman and founder of Channels Television, Bill and Melinda Gates, Koffi Annan Foundation, African Development Bank among others.[3]

In 2019 he was honoured in Nigeria and made an Ambassador for WHAF (World Habitat Ambassador Forum). WHAF works in conjunction with the United Nations to provide sustainable housing for marginalized people all over the world. This prestigious accolade places him in the hall of fame making him the 15th person in the world to receive this title.[4]


In April 2019 he received an honorary doctorate In Dubai for Philanthropy and Humanitarian Leadership from The Global Academy of Social Sciences of India. He was one of two people who received Doctorates and were honoured by the World Business Leaders’ Summit hosted by His Royal Highness H.E Rashid Farooq Al Arshi in Dubai.

The other recipient was also another Zimbabwean business mogul Frank Buyanga.[5][4]


Relationship with Moana

In November 2020, two videos of him and the late fitness trainer Moana did the rounds on social media.

In one of the videos which raised numerous eyebrows, a visibly drunk Branson is captured in the company of Moana.

Responding to the leaked videos, Branson could not convincingly distance himself from what the video depicts. He said:

It is very unfortunate that the way those videos came out it was misconstrued in the fact that it portrays the late Moana and me to be something which was not. We had an argument because we were immature at the time. This is a video that was taken a long time ago that we have even forgotten exactly when it was taken. But it was taken at a moment when both of us were immature in the moment of our anger.

He also admitted that he has been living an ungodly life which prompted him to distance himself from the church. Branson said:

As a man of God, I wasn’t happy with certain attributes of my life, I knew what I had to do I knew what I needed to correct and it took me months to get to a decision that I reached five months ago where I came out in front of the whole world and openly confessed that the way I have been living my life has been been the way I would have wanted my life to be. I came out and said I needed to take time away from the church and everyone to fix my life and make sure I’m standing right with God. From that time until now, I have been fixing myself and God has been working with me since that time.


Edd Branson Foundation

Through his ministry, Branson runs the Edd Branson Foundation. He has assisted young entrepreneurs through the foundation.[4]


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