Edith Kuda Mushore

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Edith Kuda Mushore
Photo of Justice Edith Kuda Mushore
Appointed byPresident Robert Mugabe

Edith Kuda Mushore is a Zimbabwean lawyer and judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe having been appointed by President Robert Mugabe with effect from the 7th of September 2015. She was sworn in on the 16th of September 2015, in a ceremony at the Constitutional Court, by then Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku. [1] Before her appointment as a judge, she worked worked as a senior legal practitioner in private legal practice as an advocate. [1]


Mushore is related to James Mushore.[2]


Mushore was a long-time advocate based at the Advocates Chambers in Harare. She served as a Legal adviser (Africa) of the International Organisation of Consumer Unions at The Hague in the Netherlands (1993 to 1999).

Kuda Mushore was a Parliamentary research assistant at the House of Commons (1987 and 1989). She had previously served as the corporate legal adviser for Old Mutual.[3]

Not Reporting For Work

In November 2021 it was reported that Edith Mushore had not been reporting for duty for weeks on end after ruling against Malaba.[2]

Notable Cases

Luke Malaba Term Extension

On 15 May 2021, Edith Mushore together with Happias Zhou and Jester Helena Charewa upheld an application filed by top lawyer Musa Kika and the Young Lawyers Association of Zimbabwe challenging Constitutional Amendment No.2 which was used by Emmerson Mnangagwa to extend the retirement age of judges from 70 to 75.

They ruled that Luke Malaba whose tenure had been extended by five years by Mnangagwa, had ceased to be a judge on 15 May at 0000hrs, when he turned 70.[4]

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