Eleanor Kaziboni

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Eleanor Kaziboni

Eleanor Kaziboni is a Zimbabwean politician and member of the Youth Advocacy for Reform Democracy (YARD).



Eleanor Kaziboni was born on 4 November 1996.[1]

Relationship with Temba Mliswa

Eleanor Kaziboni (right) with Temba Mliswa during the Southern African People's Solidarity Network in Tanzania in 2019

Susan Mutami alleged that Kaziboni was having a relationship with Temba Mliswa. At the time Mutami was also in a relationship with Mliswa. Mutami said:

“I was also furious when I found out that he was sleeping with Eleanor Kaziboni (24), Yard secretary general. I was actually sheltering her after she had told me she was going through a hard time. I even gave her 7,000 bricks to build her house. But when I found out that they were sleeping together I went to demand my bricks back. I felt used.”

On January 29, Mutami approached Norton Police Station where she sought the assistance from police to retrieve her bricks.[2]

In response to Mutami's allegations, Kaziboni denied she was in a relationship with Mliswa. She said:

I saw the article that was posted by @ZimMorning_Post on Monday, 1 February, 2021 & particularly Susan Vivian Mutami’s baseless claims that I was having a sexual affair with Hon. @TembaMliswa whilst she never provided any proof whatsoever.

Anyway, lies and rumours travel faster than the truth. I am appalled that as a young woman who is on her way towards building a career & a good name, @mutami_susan decided to place entirely false allegations against me.

The way she implicated me into her havoc clearly showed a side of her that I’ll never imitate. I refuse & denounce these claims against me as I have never had and I do not have any sexual relationship or affair with Hon. @TembaMliswa

As the S.G of YARD, my involvement (just like any other YARD member’s involvement), has been towards the consolidated support of youth initiatives by Hon. @TembaMliswa & as a Constituent of Norton Constituency, I’ve been directly involved in Norton’s community development programs.

I now challenge and implore Susan Vivian Mutami to provide substantial proof of the allegations that she levelled against me.



According to her LinkedIn profile Eleanor Kaziboni graduated from the University of Zimbabwe with a Bachelor of Science Honours in Biochemistry. She also attended Mabelreign Girls High School where she was the Vice Head Girl.[4]


She joined Newlands Clinic in Harare in 2017 as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist. In January 2020 she became Chairperson of the Friends of Swedish Institute Alumni Zimbabwe.[4]


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