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Elias Soko was born on 6 September.<ref name="FBB">[https://www.facebook.com/fifmiCptYouth/posts/today-it-is-archbishop-elias-sokos-birthdaylets-celebrate-with-him-just-leave-yo/2142264226094161/ Forward In Faith Capetown City Youth], ''Facebook'', Published: September 6, 2018, Retrieved: July 27, 2021</ref>

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Elias Soko
Bishop Elias Soko
ChurchForward in Faith International Ministries
Personal details
ResidenceSouth Africa
SpousePrisca Soko
ChildrenGabriel Nkosiphile Newellias Soko
OccupationSenior Pastor and Bishop

Elias Soko is a Bishop of Forward in Faith International Ministries South Africa.



Elias Soko was born on 6 September.[1]


Prisca Soko[2]


Prisca and Elias Soko have a son named Gabriel Nkosiphile Newellias Soko who was born in July 2013.[2]


Elias Soko is an AMFCC postgraduate. He also holds a BTH degree from the University of South Africa and studied towards a 2nd degree in Communication.[3]


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