Elisabeth Valerio

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Elisabeth Valerio
Elisabeth Valerio Biography
Known forBeing a politician

Elisabeth Valerio is a Zimbabwean politician and businessperson. She is the founder of the political party United Zimbabwe Alliance (UZA).


Elisabeth Valerio's mother is from Masvingo. In the mid-1970s her parents had a grocery store at Machipisa Shopping Centre in Highfield.[1]


After completing her university education in the United States she began her career as a biochemist before moving to Hwange. Valerio has spent almost a decade in Hwange honouring a promise she made to her mother who, while on her death bed, asked that she look after a herd of elephants in Dete.


During her time in Hwange, Elisabeth Valerio established Gobelo, a business focused on the research and development of natural and indigenous consumer products. With her husband, she also built Gwango, a tourism destination at the edge of Hwange National Park, with guest rooms, conference facilities, restaurants and a BaNambya Cultural Exhibit.

She founded the Entrepreneurial and Leadership Initiative for Sustainability in Africa (ELISA) supporting Africa focused entrepreneurs via an online web portal and annual summit to be hosted in Hwange.[1]


She officially launched the United Zimbabwe Alliance (UZA) party as its interim President on 17 March 2022. In 2022, UZA fielded four candidates in the council and parliamentary by-election.[2]


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