Elizabeth Chanakira Cancer Trust

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Elizabeth Chanakira Cancer Trust.
After suffering a seven year battle with breast cancer, Elizabeth Chanakira, lost her life to cancer on 23 December 2010.
The Elizabeth Chanakira Cancer Trust (ECCT) was birthed in May 2011.
The ECCT was registered in Harare, Zimbabwe on 13 May 2011, with Registration No. MA425/2011.

Their mission is to support marginalized cancer patients in Zimbabwe. They recognize that nutrition is essential to the recovery of a cancer patient and so assist the patients with practical, nutritional needs such as monthly food hampers.

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Contact Details

Tel: +263 78 758 1990
Email: info Website: http://www.zimbabwecaresnetwork.com/?fbclid=IwAR38z2WIyWECZFwsmnTZUIHbnG7m0OvDHCR5s9mTGYO4ZVctFp-tpkpTVPw


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