Emily Tatanga Kachote

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Emily Tatanga Kachote
Emily Tatanga Kachote, Miss World Zimbabwe 2015, former Miss Zimbabwe 2015
Emily Tatanga Kachote
Born (1989-10-20) October 20, 1989 (age 33)
Other namesZazu, Foxy, Emy
  • Model
Years active2011-present
Known forFormer Miss World Zimbabwe 2015
PredecessorTendai Hunda
SuccessorAnn-Grace Matamu

Emily Tatanga Kachote is Zimbabwean born model who has attained various titles in the modelling circles. In 2011 she was Miss Harare and in 2015 she stole the limelight after scooping the prestigious Miss Zimbabwe 2015 title. She would be stripped of her title just two months later and replaced by Ann-Grace Mutamu.

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Emily Tatanga Kachote was born on the 20th of October 1989 at Harare Hospital in the Capital.[1]


Emily attended Haig Park Primary School. She also went to St John's Emerald Hill School in Harare for her secondary education. She proceeded to do her tertiary education with the Women's University in Africa where she studied Psychology and graduated in 2013.

Modelling career

Emily (Centre) Crowned Miss World Zim 2015

Emily started to make her impact in the modelling cirlces in 2010 when she was crowned Miss Women's University. She rose to become Miss Harare in 2011 an achievement that undoubtedly boosted her modelling career. She held the crown from 2011 to 2012.[2] Emily first participated in the Miss World Zimbabwe modelling show in 2012. She however failed to make an impact at her inaugural appearance.[3] Emily was crowned Miss World Zimbabwe at an event held at Mermaids Pool in Shamva in the Mashonaland Central Province on the 25 of April 2015. She was selected among other 15 models who were contesting for the crown.[3]

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Career as a Financial Advisor

Emily worked for Old Mutual as a financial advisor.

Photos of Emily


Emily was presented with a car and more prizes were going to be unveiled.[3]

Nude Photos Scandal

The H-Metro of Monday 4 May 2015 reported that it was in possession of Emily's nude photos which were allegedly leaked. It is alleged that Emily's ex-boyfriend took the pictures years ago and started circulating them on social media after Kachote was crowned Miss Zimbabwe. This put her in a very delicate position as she was required by the Miss Zimbabwe regulations to give up the position because of the reputation and integrity of the crown. A similar problem was faced by 2014 Miss Zimbabwe winner, Thabiso Phiri, who had to give up the crown following the leaks.

Dismissal as Miss Zimbabwe

Emily Kachote was officially stripped of her title as Miss Zimbabwe 2015 just weeks after allegations of her having appeared in nude pictures was revealed.[4] This was direct violation of the rules and regulations of the pageant and this would subsequently see her being replaced by Annie Matumbu, her first princess in the beauty contest. The rules had stated that it was a violation for a contestant to have "posed nude professionally or socially in all forms of media.. and any behaviour catergorised as immoral by the Miss Zimbabwe Trust is grounds for instant disqualification and dethronement".[4]


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