Emmanuel Makandiwa

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Emmanuel Makandiwa

Emmanuel Makandiwa is a popular and controversial prophet. Formally a young pastor at the AFM church, Makandiwa went on to form his United Family nterdenominational Ministries (UFIM) between 2008 and 2010. Makandiwa hogged the media limelight in within a few years after the formation of UFIC with his controversial miracles that includes manhood enlargement, changing people's HIV statuses and causing the birth of after a three day pregnancy. Makandiwa was named one of the most influential Africans by various think tanks and organisaions. He also known for bringing thousands of people at his Judgement Night sessions. He became the first individual to fill up the 60,000 seater National Sports Stadium with his followers in April 2011.

Personal Life

Makandiwa was born Shingirai Chiruewas on December 1977 into a farming family. Both his parents were elders in the Apostolic Faith MissionChurch in Muzarabani, Mashonaland Central Province. He is married to Ruth Makandiwa.


Makandiwa did his secondary education in Chitungwiza at Zengeza High school returned to help his parents till the land. After finishing his secondary, he proceeded enrolled at the AFM’s Living Waters Theological Seminary in Harare where he graduated in 2002.

Pastoring Career

Having born in a christian family where his parents were elders, Makandiwa would be part of gospel crusades organised by his parents and started preaching from home. Way before, he graduated Makandiwa was reportedly called in a vision by God to deliver his people from the bondage of Satan in 1995.[1] Before the vision, he had earlier in 1993 spent six months with the late pastor Mukwaira on crusades. After finishing his pastoral studies, Makandiwa chose to go to Matabeleland and worked as an assistant pastor under the supervision of Rev. Madzivire(now AFM president). He was then given an assembly in Shangani, instantly becoming talk of the town with miracle performances. In 2004, he was transferred to How Mine and subsequently to Hebron Assembly in Chitungwiza. Foru years later in August 2008, Makandiwa was to launch the UFIM instantly becoming one of the popular fellowships in Zimbabwe and the region. His sermons were also screened on Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation TV.

AFM Split

After the successs of his church Makandiwa was given two options, to choose either to remain with AFM or to proceed with UFIC. As anticipated he chose the latter which was renamed United Family International Ministries (UFIM) in 2010. This signaled the merging of the United Family Interdenominational Ministries and the United Family International Church. There are also allegations that he


  • Manhood Enlargement

Makandiwa has performed many miracles that had facilitated his popularity. At one service he performed a manhood enlargement miracle on a man on a Namibian national. The man said he had come to Chitungwiza because he was failing to marry because of his small manhood.[2]

  • Miracle Baby

One Chitungwiza woman fell pregnant and gave birth within three days of pregnancy after being after Makandiwa's prophesy. The woman together with her husband confirmed the miracle live on radio in 2012. She said had normal menstrual periods which ended on 15th November 2012. On the 18th of November 2012 the couple went to the United Family International Church (UFIC) where Makandiwa, prayed for female congregants who had pregnancies with complications and declared that there would be a miracle pregnancy and deliverance within a space of hours, days and weeks. From that day the woman began experiencing some signs of labour pains on her back and on the belly until the third day when he gave birth.[3]

  • Miracle Money

at one point Makandiwa performed a miracle that saw some congregants founding themselves clutching pieces of gold and diamonds.[4] This ignited a heated argument with the then RBZ governor Gideon Gono saying suspecting the miracle breached the countries laws. After the miracle, a Press conference was held where Makandiwa said the miracle was based on restoration and not on creation of money.[5]

  • Anointing Oil

In 2014 he went further by launching what he termed 'miracle-working anointing oil' for his followers to them for his prophesied economic era. He had earlier predicted an economic boom for the country that would changed the lives of the Zimbabweans for the better. He also said the oil would bring glory that is supposed to accompany the Easter resurrection of Jesus Christ to his followers.[6] ==References==\

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