Empire Mc Records
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Founded2015; 6 years ago (2015)
AVOMP Music Group @aldvybzonline
  • Hip hop
  • Trap
  • R&B
  • Dancehall
LocationGauteng, South Africa.
Official websiteempiremcrecords.com

Empire Mc Records is a South African Based, Zimbabwean record label founded by Adolf Lee Dizamuhupe also know asRocker Vybz and Mc in 2015. The label does not have many acts signed as yet, it currently has Crocerfella, Mcy Ghost and Lentano signed under a management deal.


Current acts

In-house producers

Former acts


Song Artist Year
"Lotta Hunnids"[1]" (feat. Troy Maren) Rocker Vybz 2020
"Days Of Flurgas" EP/Album [2] Lentano 2020
Unoda Ndiitesei[1]" Rocker Vybz 2020
"I wanna know[1]" (Featuring. Muleck Solto Rocker Vybz 2019
"Zamira" (Featuring. Briss Mbada & Stilo Magolide Mcy Ghost 2019
"Bad Energy[3]" Michie-Kay 2019
"Moeda" (Featuring. King Drosa Muleck Solto 2019
"Stole My Swag" (featuring Polo Stuntiin and Rocker Vybz ) Crocerfella 2019
"Money [4]" (featuring Briss Mbada) Mcy Ghost 2018
"Adrift" King Qodim (Crisco) 2018
"VEJA O SWEG " Muleck Solto 2018
"Trigger[5]" Mcy Ghost 2018
"Ghost Mixtape Vol.1[6]" & Vol.2 Mcy Ghost 2018
"Praying For Money" Mcy Ghost 2018
"FreeStyle (AKA Diss)" Mcy Ghost 2018
"The Vault (Podcast) Mixes" Abra Simzz (MC/Host), Dj Madd Vybz, Dj Eve zw, 2017-2018
"Navy Pink (EP)" Muliz tto 2018
"Through The Struggle EP" (Hxzy Mindset & Female Crush) Muliz̙ tto & Y.K Junior 2017


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