The Employers Confederation of Zimbabwe (EMCOZ) promotes and protects the interests of employers and workers in Zimbabwe. It is a membership organisation. They lobby government on national policies, practices and standards on labour, employment and socio-economic issues.

Contact Details

21 Smit Crescent, Eastlea, Harare.
Tel: 0263 242, 2739649, 2739647, 2739630, 2739133


Vision To be a world-class umbrella body that fosters a conducive, vibrant and sustainable economic environment in Zimbabwe. EMCOZ is an inclusive, unifying and representative body that advocates for a productive, harmonious and prosperous economic environment for all.

Mission Our mission is to be the ultimate voice of business in Zimbabwe. We effectively engage and influence policy decisions affecting the business community, providing relevant professional service to business for sustainable growth and development.

Emcoz runs various projects in conjunction with our partners and stakeholders.

  • Workplace HIV and AIDS Support.
  • Skills for Youth.
  • SADC Labour Law Guide.
  • Regular updates including news items, the EMCOZ Newsletter, industry movers and shakers and financial news.
  • Labour desk with a working relationship with the trade unions, joint representation to government in areas of mutual concern in the Labour Market.


Presidium and Chairpersons of the standing committees for 2020

Past EMCOZ Presidents:

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