Engineer Simon Takawira Muserere

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Simon Takawira Muserere
Engineer S Muserere.jpg
BornSimon Takawira Muserere
OccupationCivil Engineer
Years active20
Awards15 years long service award by City of Harare

Simon Takawira Muserere is a Civil Engineer currently working Zimbabwe. He is a Corporate Member of the Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers and has been in the Membership Committee of the Institution for more than 10 years. He is a member of Water Institute of Southern Africa, endorsed Wastewater Expert on Research Gate, an Affiliate Member of WaterReuse Association. He created and Managed Wastewater Division from 2018 to 2019 a Division with a workforce of 2,500 workers including 4 engineers and 6 technicians, plumbers and artisans. He has been a Project Engineer to various water and sewer reticulation and wastewater treatment plants. He holds Master of Philosophy in Wastewater Management and has a Certificate in Activated Sludge Modelling where he calibrated Firle Sewage Treatment Works improving plant capacity by 30% a capital cost saving of US$23 million, 20% operational cost saving using BioWin. His appointment activated community based work to rehabilitate water and Wastewater reticulation which improved system efficiency by 70%. He has worked with International Lake Environmental Committee and controlled pollution from Upper Manyame Catchment in collaboration with University of Zimbabwe. He is currently working on several housing projects in Zimbabwe both low cost and high profile with design and construction of offsite infrastructure


Simon Takawira Muserere did His advanced level at Hippo Valley High School and was admitted to the University of Zimbabwe faculty of engineering in 1990.He graduated from the University of Zimbabwe in 1995 with an Bsc Hons Civil Engineering .Engineer Muserere Attained a Master Of Philosophy Wastewater Management from the university of Zimbabwe 2019.

Membership in Professional Associations

  • Professional Member of the Engineering Council of Zimbabwe
  • Corporate Member Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers - 2001
  • Member of the WateReuse Association (USA) Category (government, Institutions and Not-for-Profit Organizations)
  • Member of the Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA)
  • Endorsed Wastewater Expert at the Research Gate


Simon Takawira Muserere Bsc Hons Civil Engineering)(UZ),Master Of Philosophy Wastewater Management(UZ) ,Financial Management And Management Accounting (ACCA),Wastewater Treatment Modelling (UNESCO-IHE, Netherlands) is a Zimbabwean Civil Engineer and member of various local international professional associations . Muserere has over 20 years experience in civil engineering .Engineer Muserere worked for the City of Harare (Zimbabwe) as a senior engineer from 2001 to 2006.Joined the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) from 2006 to 2008 as the area manager and from 2009 to 2019 he joined city of Harare this time as the City's waste water manager.

Achievements to assignments

Engineer Muserere joined the city of Harare in 1996 to 2005 as an engineer and from 2009 to 2019 as the waste water manager where some of his achievements to assignments included among others :

  • Improved wastewater reticulation efficiency to more than 13,000 high density residential houses through construction of 10ml/day Budiriro Pump Station
  • Improved water supply to residents through assessing and installation of PRVs and water Balancing Between Letombo and Alex Reservoirs.
  • In charge of an international tender For 60 Ml/Day Crowborough BOT to improve wastewater treatment.
  • Improved wastewater reticulation and wastewater treatment by managing more than 2,000 workers on day to day municipal duties
  • Designed and managed a 60ml/Day Wastewater Treatment Plant –Cum- 40 Ml/Day Water Treatment Plant And Pumping Mains Prequalification tender and bidding
  • Improved wastewater effluent quality through rehabilitations of Wastewater Treatment Plants from red hazardous effluent to green low environmental risk effluent
  • Improved wastewater effluent quality through calibration of Activated Sludge Model using BioWin for wastewater treatment plants. Reduced electricity bill by more than 30% and increased capacity by 20% an operational cost saving of US$200,000 per month and CAPEX cost saving of more than US$20 million
  • Improved water and wastewater supply to more than 500,000 residents through Urgent Water Supply And Sanitation Projects Phase 1 (Uwssp1) AfDB

Engineer Muserere also worked for the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) from 2006 to 2008 where some of his achievements to assignments include:

  • Reduced Non-Revenue Water by more than 20% through funding by DBSA for a bankable project document

Notable Research Work

Engineer Muserere has carried out the following researches:

1 Characterization of raw sewage and performance assessment of Primary Settling Tanks published by Elsevier [1] 2 Fractionation of Wastewater Characteristics for Modelling of Firle Sewage Treatment Works [2] 3 Full Scale Modelling a case study of Firle Sewage Treatment Works [3]

Current research work

Simon T Muserere is currently working on the following research: Assessment of Heavy Metals, Microcystins, Microbes and Related Contaminants Concentrations in Harare Water and Removal Efficiencies at Morton Jaffray Water Works, Harare, Zimbabwe: A built-up towards a PHD Proposal.