Football Ambassadors of Zimbabwe (FAOZ)

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Football Ambassadors of Zimbabwe
FAOZ Logo.jpg
FormationAugust 21, 2019; 2 years ago (2019-08-21)
FounderJustice Majabvi
Headquarters57 Nelson Mandela, Old Shell House, 3rd Floor Suite 306
Official language
English, Shona, Ndebele
AffiliationsMinistry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare
Remarks+263 77 693 2218

Football Ambassadors of Zimbabwe (FAOZ) is a Private Voluntary Organization (PVO) registered with the Ministry of Public Services, Labour and Social Welfare. It is an organisation for the former players, it is an all-encompassing grouping, for both men and women.


The Football Ambassadors of Zimbabwe was established in 2019 after local football veterans came together to form a representative and empowerment arm which they intend to use to impart life skills to their members. Although the organisation was established in 2016, it existed on an amateur basis, since it wasn’t legally recognised. It only became official after the issuance of certification in 2019, from the Labour Ministry, but its official launch was delayed due to the Covid-19 induced lockdown.


  1. To rehabilitate and groom the vulnerable former sports persons for successful integration
  2. To establish income generating projects for vulnerable former footballers
  3. To train and coach both female and male players to become professional footballers and give them a platform to competitive opportunities
  4. To raise awareness amongst sports personalities and football community on the effects of HIV/AIDS as well as substance or drug and alcohol abuse


The FAOZ has lined up several projects, including mining and agriculture, from which the former footballers will benefit. The organisation's aim is to bring those former players together, and empower them through imparting life skills, while having informative programmes that deal with abuse of alcohol and other social menaces. FAOZ are not divorcing themselves from the game, instead, they are aiming to facilitate for their members to enrol for coaching, and administrative courses, for the improvement of the game in the country.[1]

Assistance to Asani Matora

The Football Ambassadors of Zimbabwe lived to their mandate when they extended their helping hand to former CAPS United Football Club defender, Asani Matora, who was not feeling well in August 2021. They had other partners joining hands in the form of Northern Region Soccer League and former Warriors team manager Sharrif Mussa. It is their wish to assist former players in coming up with projects that will sustain them after they hang their boots and are open to corporates who want partner them in their social responsibility activities.[2]

Rozaria Memorial Trust Soccer Tournament

FAOZ participated in the Rozaria Memorial Trust Mega Nhanga & 3rd Edition Girls Soccer Tournament in commemoration of the Day of the African Child (DAC2022) from 17-19 June 2022 at Magaya Secondary School, Murewa on ending Child Marriages and harmful practices. The tournament was to champion girls rights and meant to celebrate young people who are fighting harmful practices in the communities. FAOZ was mainly focusing on HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse Awareness as well as providing technical assistance on football matters for the participating teams. Some highlights of the event:

FAOZ visited the Rozaria Memorial Trust offices on 14 June 2022 and got the opportunity to visit the RMT Education and Counselling Centre (RMTECC) and the soccer grounds. [3]


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