Frank Buyanga
Frank Buyanga, Hamilton Insuance
Frank Buyanga
BornTawanda Buyanga
(1979-09-14) September 14, 1979 (age 42)
United Kingdom
  • Businessman
Parent(s)Frank Buyanga and Martha Gorogodo

Frank Buyanga is a businessman who has been rated as one of the youngest millionaires in South Africa. He has claimed that he doesn't know exactly how many cars and businesses he owns.


Frank Buyanga was born Tawanda Buyanga on 14 September 1979 in the United Kingdom. It was allegedly reported that he changed his name in 2012 to conceal his identity after he was listed by the International Police's (Interpol) list of wanted people.[1] He thus began to call himself Frank Buyanga Sadiq in 2009. From then onwards, Tawanda Buyanga began to call himself Frank Buyanga of which this was his father's name.[1] His mother was Martha Gorogodo.

Fraud Allegations

In 2011, Buyanga relocated to South Africa after he was allegedly charged of defrauding more than 45 people in Zimbabwe through his company, Hamilton Property Holdings. In the previous year, Buyanga had stepped down as the director of Hamilton Property Holdings on the basis that his company was now attracting the attention of the police and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ).[2] Buyanga's stance further compounded that he was somehow trying to flee from his purported fraud charges. It was also revealed that Buyanga in 2005 was charged for conspiring to defraud an unidentified person in UK.[2] He however dispelled this story.

Buyanga lent money to people during the period of turmoil in Zimbabwe which saw the country's economy crumbling to unprecedented levels. Those who went to Buyanga were obliged to give in their properties as collateral. Buyanga is said to have sold the properties before the loan agreements had expired. His company was thus charged for deliberately lending large sums of money to Zimbabweans as a way of getting hold of their properties earmarked to be disposed afterwards. The Attorney General however filed an application in the High Court seeking to interdict Buyanga's company from selling 45 properties.[2] This was overridden.

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It later emerged that, Buyanga's troubles began to resurface when the brother of a senior cabinet's minister's girlfriend who had borrowed money from Hamilton Holdings Property committed suicide after he discovered that he was not able to pay back the money he had borrowed of which he had pledged his sister's house as collateral.[2] It was also reported that, Buyanga was about to sue Nicholas Goche who had also borrowed US$70 000 from his company and was unwilling to pay back.[2]

In 2013, Buyanga hired a top Israeli lawyer, Nick Kaufman who argued that his client doesn't have a case to answer in Zimbabwe despite charges of allegedly swindling people of more than US$4 million. He also stated that, Buyanga had relocated to South Africa, a country which was offering him the rights and liberties he was denied in Zimbabwe, dispelling that he was running away from being prosecuted.[3] Whilst he was still being investigated for his crimes, in October 2014 it was reported that Buyanga was negotiating with the owners of Cell Funeral Assurance Company to either have a stake or to buy the company.[4]

Buyanga was however cleared by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) who argued that he was not involved in shady businesses as was previously reported.[4] He was also removed from the International Police list of wanted people.

Some of Frank Buyanga's cars

The Rolls Royce Debacle

In a legal battle with South African authorities involving a Rolls Royce vehicle, Buyanga managed to repossess the car after it had been impounded and auctioned without due process. South African authorities impounded the car on the grounds that it had been reported stolen and that there were no proper documents for its importation. The matter eventually came to finality after Buyanga manged to prove that he had followed stipulated procedures, a position that was also confirmed by the company from which the vehicle had been purchased.[5]


Buyanga was one of the judges at the 2014 edition of the Miss Zimbabwe Pageant.[6] He also dines with the former Malawian president, Bakili Muluzi and Theodoro Obiang Nguema Bassongo of Equatorial Guinea. He stated that,

Muluzi is like a father figure. We have known each other for a while. My dad is late now and l need someone who can advise me on the way forward in life[2]

He also claims that Nicholas van Hoogstraden (who is believed to have been donating money to Robert Mugabe) is his mentor, friend and advisor.[2]

Philanthropic Work

Buyanga is said to be on a relentless mission of dishing out money in South Africa, something that he was reportedly denied to do in Zimbabwe. He donated R1 million to a youth development programme.[7]

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