Frederick Mabamba

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Fredrick Mabamba

Frederick Mabamba was a Zimbabwean land developer and politician. He died on 5 March 2021 after he collapsed in prison.



He had a son named Nigel Mabamba. In 2018, Mabamba's son Nigel allegedly killed a grade two pupil while street racing in Kubvumbi street. He was assaulted after he turned up at the funeral wake of the accident victim with a police escort to ‘apologise and compensate’ the family for killing their child.

In 2016 Nigel allegedly ran over and killed a man in Chitungwiza road near Irvines farm while street racing.[1]



Mabamba was elected Zanu-PF Chitungwiza councillor for Ward 25 in the 2013 Elections. In 2014, Mabamba was fired by then Local Government minister Ignatious Chombo from his post as deputy mayor over allegations of corruptly acquiring vast tracts of land in Chitungwiza and illegally allocating them to residents. He denied the allegations.[2]

February 2021 Arrest

Mabamba was arrested on 2 February 2021 by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission. Mabamba was arrested on allegations related to illegal parcelling out of residential stands all over Chitungwiza.

According to police sources, he was apprehended at his Town Centre offices following a witch-hunting visit by a high powered Government delegation that toured Chitungwiza and Budiriro 5B in January 2021.

In 2020, Mabamba caused a stir after trying to block Chitungwiza Municipality from constructing its Civic Centre on State land claiming the land belonged to him.[3]

Mabamba, who has been taken to court on several occasions over similar charges, was charged with fraud and criminal abuse of office.

It is alleged that between January 2013 and August 2014 he sold 200 stands in St Mary’s, 230 in Zengeza, 57 in Sake, 23 in Zengeza 5 and 400 in Unit A.

He also allegedly sold two car sales stands in Unit B, 120 stands in Unit C, 120 in Unit F and N while 76 were allegedly duped in Unit G. Mabamba is also alleged to have sold a piece of land that was earmarked for construction of a school.

He also allegedly sold a piece of land that was set aside for building a hospital in Unit L. It is alleged that 150 stands were sold to people by Mabamba on a piece of land meant for a church.[4]


Frederick Mabamba collapsed in prison and died on 5 March 2021 as his lawyer was applying for his bail.

Mabamba collapsed in a cell at Harare Central Remand Prison on February 25 2021 and was rushed to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals where he eventually died.

He died as his lawyer, Mr Tapiwa Munodawafa from Nyikadzino, Simango and Associates, was making submissions for his bail appeal at the High Court. Judgment on the appeal was reserved.[3]


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