Friday Mbirimi

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Friday Mbirimi
Friday Mbirimi
DiedApril 6, 2021(2021-04-06)
Known forJazz Musician in Mbare Trio

Friday Mbirimi was a Zimbabwean Jazz musician who was part of the Mbare Trio, together with the late Lovejoy Mbirimi as well as William Kashiri. He was also at one point a member of the Harare Mambos band.


Mbirimi was born in 1943 on a Friday. He got his befitting name from a social welfare officer of Mbare named Edith Opperman.[1]


He had five children.


Friday Mbirimi's brother, Lovejoy died in August 2020.


Mbirimi was educated in Harare, Goromonzi High School and at the University of Zimbabwe, where he read for an honours degree in English.[1]


Mbirimi named his vocal group Mbare Trio in honour of the township he grew up. The Trio consisted of William Kashiri, Friday and his brother Lovejoy Mbirimi. Mbare Trios released their first and only album titled Uru Rufaro. Mbirimi was also a session artiste for many musicians such as Summer Breeze, Faonri Sumaili (lead guitarist), Vincent Kapepa (on bass) and Moses Kabubi (on keyboards).[1]


Mbirimi died from colon cancer complications on 6 April 2021 in Harare. He was 78. Friday Mbirimi was buried on 12 April 2021 at Warren Hills Cemetery. [1]


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