Gandhi Mudzingwa

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Gandhi Mudzingwa

Gandhi Mudzingwa is a Zimbabwean politician and member of MDC-T. Mudzingwa is Morgan Tsvangirai's former personal aide.

Political Career

In December 2020, Mudzingwa was appointed MDC-T Secretary for Elections by Douglas Mwonzora.[1] Prior to her appointment, Gandhi Mudzingwa had served as Manase Tsvangirai's deputy.[2]

Abduction & Detention

He was among more than 30 human rights and political activists who were abducted and detained in December 2008. Mudzingwa was among those who were tortured by state agents. Mudzingwa was charged with recruiting people for banditry, insurgency and terrorism training in Botswana.

Kisimusi Dhlamini, Andrison Manyere and Gandhi Mudzingwa were granted bail on 9 April 2009. However, the state attempted to block their release by notifying its intention of appealing to the Supreme Court to reverse the order.

Since the state appeal was not lodged within the seven days stipulated by law, the detainees were released.

Kisimusi Dhlamini and Gandhi Mudzingwa were both under police guard at Avenues Clinic where they were receiving treatment having been tortured by state security agents following their enforced disappearances.

On 17 April 2009, he was picked up and rearrested.[3][4][5]


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