George Mudukuti

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George Munduku Mudukuti was an early nationalist fighter, and one of the first five to be trained in internal sabotage, connected with Mark Dube.

  • 1960 - Youth Organising Secretary, NDP Highfield Branch
  • 1963 - Active with Zapu in Tanzania
  • 1976 - Administrative Secretary and Deputy Secretary for People's Movement
  • 1979 - Zanu delegate to Lancaster House Conference
  • 1980 - Elected to House of Assembly, Victoria, Zanu. [1]

Personal Details

Born: 21 October 1943, Masvingo
One of four children, father a mechanic and driver.

School / Education

Mucheke Government School, Zimuto Mission.
Further education outside the fromal school system.
Diploma in Clerical Studies, CACC.
Diploma in Economics, Royal Society of Arts.
Intermediate Examination, London Institute of Marketing and Sales Management.
Studied Commerce through Royal Society of Arts.
Studied Finance and Administration through Ruskin College.
Studied political Science and Economics through UNISA.
Trained, Nanking Military Academy.

Service / Career

Began political work as youth in NDP, 1960.
1963, worked in Zapu external office in Tanzania. One of the first five to be trained in internal sabotage.
1965, arrested and detained at Wha Wha, Gonakudzingwa and Sikumbela. In Salisbury Central Prison one week before UDI with Robert Mugabe, Simon Muzenda,Eddison Zvobgo, Edgar Tekere, Maurice Nyagumbo, Morton Maliangwa and others. After release he helped form the People's Movement.
1980 - elected to House of Assembly, Zanu PF, Victoria Masvingo Province

In the 1990 Parliamentary Election (see A History of Zimbabwean Elections) Masvingo North returned to Parliament:


Further Reading

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