Glorianne Francis "Glo Diamond"

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Glo Diamond, Glorainne Francis
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  • Entrepreneur
  • Public Relations Professional
OrganizationGloramo Concierge & African Partnership Ltd

Glo Diamond, Real name Glorainne Francis is a UK based ZImbabwean entrepreneur.


Glorainne attended Girls High School until she completed A-Level. After working at the Casinos in Harare, left Zimbabwe at the age of 18 to settle in the United Kingdom. There, without any family she became destitute and had to be taken in by a Zimbabwean nurse after she had been admitted and then released from hospital due to Hyperthermia.

She got her first job at McDonalds where I was earning £3.40 per hour.[1]


Glorainne then started organising shows starting with the Zambian Independence celebrations for the UK Diaspora. Eventually she started bringing artists to the UK to perform. Such artists as Brenda Fassie, Oliver Mtukudzi, Temptations and others. She has also done public relations work for Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson and others.

Glorianne is the CEO of Gloramo Concierge & PR Ltd and Director for African Partnership Ltd

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