Gospel of God Church in Zimbabwe

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Gospel of God Church in Zimbabwe
Johane Masowe Apostolic Church
Founder(s)Johane Masowe

Gospel of God Church in Zimbabwe is a Zimbabwean religious organisation established by Johane Masowe in 1932. To date, the religious group has grown in leaps and bounds with membership in neighbouring countries such as South Africa, Zambia and Malawi.

Establishment and Ministry

The church was established by Johane Masowe around 1932. He is said to have had problems with the colonial authorities after he continued preaching around the country without the required documentation.[1] In contradiction of colonial regulations, he continued preaching in the local shona language and baptising people. The church members meet on Saturdays and pray outdoors with male congregants seating at the front while the women and children seat behind them.

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Regalia and Regulations

The church requires its congregants to shave all their hair at all times and grow a beard and be dressed in their white garments when they come for church services. Women are also required to wear headscarves at all times. Members of the church are not allowed to work for anyone outside of their group, this has seen the bulk of the church members venturing into basket weaving and other related enterprises.


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