Gour Lentell

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Gour Lentell
Gour Lentell
BornSimon Kundai Musnhu
  • Entrepreneur.

Gour Lentell is a Zimbabwean born entrepreneur, CEO and co-founder of biNu.


Gour was born in Zimbabwe. His mother was a teacher and the father was a businessman. After the completion of his studies, he migrated to the United Kingdom to stay with his father so that he could avoid being conscripted into the Rhodesian army.[1]


After finishing university, he joined PricewaterhouseCoopers in London as a consultant before moving to Australia with the same company.Lentell also had a four year stint with a business software maker, Oracle where he was to meet to Turner. Lentell's first company was an ad serving startup called Sabela Media. The company performed quite well and was on the brink of being sold when another company called DoubleClick claimed that it owned intellectual property rights to ad serving technology that was being used by Sabela Media and demanded that it ceases and desist its business.[2] DoubleClick eventually offered to buy Sabela Media and Lentell was prepared to sell the company but got an even better offer from 24/7 Media offered to buy the company at 40% more than what was being offered by DoubleClick.[2] Although the company was sold for a figure around 100 million, the shares that Lentell got from the sell lost value in a very dramatic way. It took a while for Lentell and partner Dave Turner to reorganise and setup another company, DNA. The company also performed very well and before long the company had an offer presented to them by 24/4 Media. [1]

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