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Here's a quick guide to help you do things here on Pindula. If you face any problem and need help, reach us on the following WhatsApp number: +263 732 464 000

Like any other new thing, the best way to learn is to find a profile that already has the things you want to do and then check how it was done by clicking edit on it.


  • We ask that you edit from a neutral point of view.
  • Don't create an article about yourself, you can easily put your profile on your User Page (click on your username in the top right corner to access your User Page.
  • Objectivity means you avoid subjective words like "best", "beautiful", "bad", "good" etc... Stick to verifiable, measurable facts.

Creating an article

You can start a new page by entering the title of the page into the box below:

You can also always find this form at the bottom of the Pindula homepage of the site.

Link to other profiles

  • To link to other profiles, just put 2 square brackets at the beginning and end of the text like this: [[Sungura]].


  • To make text bold put 3 apostrophes at the beginning and end of the text like this: '''Devera Ngwena Jazz Band'''.
  • To make text italic put 2 apostrophes at the beginning and end of the text like this: ''Ranga Mberi''.

Upload a picture or Video

  • if you're on a desktop just click on the Upload file link on the left side bar
  • if you're on a mobile phone tap on the gear icon on the top right and select Upload file
  • Follow the instructions

Embed a YouTube video

To embed a YouTube video do this: <youtube>foo</youtube>
where foo is the video ID from the URL. i.e. if the video's URL is, then the embed code would be:


We currently only support YouTube videos.

Other Editing Guides