Henry Muradzikwa

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Educational Background

He is an Egyptian-trained sociologist who became prominent when he joined the media fraternity becoming the second Sunday Mail black editor.[1]

As a Professional

Muradzikwa was appointed the Editor of the The Sunday Mail in 1988 following the dismissal of Willie Musarurwa for allegedly publishing views of opposition political parties. In 1987 he was dismissed by the then Prime Minister Robert Mugabe after he wrote an article about the deportation of Zimbabweans students from Cuba. He allegedly wrote about the waste of resources by sending only the Zimbabwe National Liberation Army cadres.[2] In October 2006 he was appointed ZBC CEO taking over from Rino Zhuwarara. Two years later in May 2008, he was dismissed for going against an order from the then Information and Publicity Minister Sikhanyiso Ndlovu to deny the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) positive coverage on all ZBC channels.[3]