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A hospital is a facility that provides health care to people or animals through medical and surgical treatment. A hospital typically has specialized medical equipment and trained staff comprising of nurses, general doctors and specialists.

Parirenyatwa Hospital


Government General Hospitals

These are found in cities and towns in Zimbabwe. Examples being

Privately Owned Hospitals

Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo

These are hospitals established by private entrepreneurs as businesses. Examples include

  • Avenues Clinic in Harare
  • Clay Bank Private Hospital in Gweru
  • Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo
  • Richard Morris Hospital
  • Michael Gelfand in Harare

Medical Aid Society Owned Health Facilities

These are hospitals owned by medical aid societies such as

Mission Hospitals

These are the hospitals run by religious organisations such as the Roman Catholic Church, The Methodist Church and others. They are generally considered more equipped that government hospitals and therefore where most low-income individuals turn to when in need of serious medical attention. Examples include: