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Hwindi President
Hwindi President
BornBessel Mugo Parewa
  • Zimdancehall Artist
  • Songwriter

Real name Bessel Mugo Parewa, Hwindi President, is the stage name of award winning Zimbabwean Zimdancehall artist based in Harare. He rose to fame in 2015 with song Tambirai Monarch. Later, the song Handina Kwekunoriisa in which he sings about the phasing out of use of the South African Rand in Zimbabwe, in favour of the Bond Coins, was also a hit. He's popularly known for his signature chant Zvatanga, Bvunza maHwindi pamshika shika

Hwindi President's songs are mostly about the tough work of a Hwindi, a Kombi conductor. Such songs as Changa Chakabhiridha, Tambira Monarch, Handina Kwandinoriisa and Bhazi ne Tuckshop. Hwindi President himself is an actual Hwindi and between music shows, studio and other things he still works as a Hwindi. In 2016, Bustop TV made a film about Hwindi President's work revealing this reality about his life.[1]


  • Changa Chakabhiridha
  • Number 1
  • Sei ukuti Tsvagai Mabasa
  • Handina Kwekunoriisa
  • Cherechedza"
  • Vekwangu Vanonditemba"
  • Ndingori Chihuta
  • Mwari Wekudenga
  • Maive Muripi
  • Gap ReMamonya
  • Bhazi ne Tuckshop
  • Mwari Kubva Pandiri
  • Ma Oyi Oyi (featuring Tocky Vibes)
  • Zvakatanga Sekutamba
  • Tinouyako
  • Dont Worry Chi Town


  • Won the Most Promising Artist at Zimdancehall Awards 2016
  • Nominated for the Best Live Performer award at the Zimdancehall 2016 Awards


Changa Chakabhiridha
Ndeipi Gen, a with Hwindi President @ Chillspot Recordz

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A day in the life of Hwindi President
Mwari Wekudenga
Maive Muripi
Gap ReMamonya
Hwindi President Live Performance
Hwindi President Freestyle - Ndiri kurangangarira magamba akatisiya



  1. Luckie Aaron, A Day in the life of Hwindi President, Facebook, Published: 21 June 2016, Retrieved: 22 June 2016