Isabel Mwonzora

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Isabel Mwonzora

Isabel Mwonzora is a Zimbabwean lawyer, politician and the daughter of politician Douglas Mwonzora.


Isabel Mwonzora is the firstborn daughter of Douglas Mwonzora.[1]


Isabel has a sister named Bertha.


Isabel is a law graduate.[1]

Political Career

Isabel told that she joined politics at 20 years of age.

In 2018, Isabel joined a faction of the MDC-T that at the time was being led by Thokozani Khupe. Her father was still part of Nelson Chamisa and the MDC Alliance. Isabel Mwonzora was elected MDC-T (Khupe) youth assembly secretary-general. Speaking on her decision to join Khupe at the time, Isabel said:

"But as time went on we began to differ on many things. Right now, I have decided to join the MDC-T and leaving the MDC Alliance because of the issue of constitutionalism."



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