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Jah Master
Hello Mwari Jah Master Phone.jpg
BornRodney Mashandure
(1996-12-20)December 20, 1996
Known forZimdancehall Music

Jah Master (Real name Rodney Mashandure) is a Zimdancehall artist known mostly his unusual dressing, chanting style as well as lyrics. He became popular in early 2019 with the "Takasangana Mutaundi". Jah Master had however been popular to Zimdancehall fans since as early as 2016. He started music around 2010 but it took a while for him to break into mainstream.

In August 2020, his song "Hello Mwari" featured on NashTV's Nash Nation Riddim 3 competition where artists were competing US $3,000. The song's popularity shot up gaining some 1 million views on YouTube within 2 weeks.

The song Hello Mwari became so popular on social media, it spawned a "Hello Mwari Challenge" where people would post videos of them lip-syncing the song. Jah Prayzah also posted a video of him singing the song.

In an interview in March 2019, he said that he had over 700 songs but had never considered compiling an album.


In September 2020, he collaboarated with Tanzanian songbird Haitham Kim on the remix of the song Hello Mwari which was supported by the Passion Java Records label. The remix attracted a lot of interest and attention from the Zimbabwean music lovers.[1]



  • Hello Mwari Remix (2020)
  • Hello Mwari (2020)
  • Seka Hurema Wafa (2020)
  • Ndiri Mutadzi (2020)
  • Hondo (2020)
  • Ndichiripo (2020)
  • Mbanje (2019)
  • Ndozvitura (2019)
  • Dollar “Vatete Nemurora” (2019)
  • Mutaundi (2019)
  • Hwahwa (2019)
  • Tsamba (2019)
  • Bhurugwa rekwaNdunge (2019)


Hello Mwari video on nashTV

Seka Hurema Wafa Official Video

Dollar “Vatete Nemurora”


Ndiri Mutadzi

Hello Mwari Remix


Jah Master Contacts

  • Phone
    • 0778 903 431
    • 0776 939 644
    • 0773 203 552

Personal Life

Jah Master is married and has one son, named Tichafa. The identify of his wife is not available.


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